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How to measure your wrist

It’s really important your MedicAlert jewellery fits you properly, so that it’s comfortable and won’t fall off.
Please don’t estimate your wrist size or you may find that your bracelet is too tight or too loose.

Please measure the wrist you want to wear your jewellery on.

1) Wrap the tape measure around the largest part of your wrist (where your wrist bone is).

2) The tape measure should be snug around your wrist (not so tight it pinches and not so loose you can fit your finger underneath) and the tape should be in contact with your whole wrist.

3) Next, make an allowance for comfort.
Our jewellers advise using the table below to help you do this.

To request a MedicAlert tape measure for free, please use this online form.

 Measuring illustration
Comfort allowance guideComfort allowance table

4) Finally, add your wrist size measurement to the comfort allowance (from our table) and tell us the total size you need.
You don’t have to make an allowance for your disc, our jewellers have already done this for you in the sizing table. We just need your total measurement in centimetres.

 Example measurements

If your wrist measures 18cm and you have chosen a mid-weight chain and would like a looser fit, you should add 3cm to your 18cm and order your bracelet at 21cms.

Bracelets with straps and watches

Sports bands, Small watch
These products have a small, medium and large option, simply measure your wrist and select the most appropriate size.

Athena, Prestige, Heritage, Endurance, Rebel watch, Explorer watch
These products have a maximum and minimum wrist size.
They are designed to fit snugly, simply measure your wrist and ensure it falls within the minimum and maximum range.

MA15, Bella watch, Quartermaster
These products are sized in 0.5 centimetre increments and are designed to fit snugly.
Simply measure your wrist and select the most appropriate size.

Ordering a replacement chain

If you already have your bracelet and are ordering a replacement chain, you should still give us your total wrist measurement.