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Prestige Black Leather Craft Bracelet

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  • Shield style stainless steel disc
  • Available with black, red or no enamel
  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • Chunky, robust design
  • Genuine leather strap - also available in brown
  • Unique to MedicAlert
  • Minimum wrist size: 16.5cm
  • Maximum wrist size 20.5cm

To see how the Prestige strap works, click here.

Please note the minimum/maximum wrist size for a comfortable fit is 16.5cm to 20.5cm. To be certain that your Prestige bracelet will fit, please measure your wrist. Click here to check our guide on how to measure your wrist.


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Poor strap

By Chris Bottomley 14th Apr 2017

I bought one of these as my first Medicalert purchase last year, looked nice but the clasp was rather uncomfortable with sharpish edges. The strap broke after around three weeks- hopefully the quality has now improved. You can fit a conventional watch strap instead but the same probably applies to the Endurance bracelets.

Black Leather

By Paul Timmins 13th Sep 2016

I've given this a 4-star as it took me a while to understand how it fits me. I'd rather have had a simple full-leather watch strap type bracelet type thing rather than it mixed with stainless steel clasps etc.... if i found it difficult to understand, how would pensioners g on? Sorry.....

Very nice

By Andrew Souter 22nd Sep 2015

I have worn one of these bracelets for a month and am very happy. Well made, easy to undo and adjust size. I wear mine tight and have had no problems with sore wrists.


By Cameron Bowes 20th Jun 2015

I received my MedicAlert bracelet today and even the box looked amazing and the bracelet also looks amazing, the best MedicAlert bracelet I have bought so far!

Great Piece

By Matthew Jordan 29th Mar 2015

great Piece