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Reflective Sports Band

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Our Reflective Sports Band works for all age ranges and is great for those with an active lifestyle, as well as being an ideal medical ID bracelet for young children to give their parents peace of mind.

Our range of sports bands can be worn discreetly with uniforms and are durable for even the most active of people. Its velcro fastener make our sports bands quick and easy to put on, as well as simple for those who have difficulty with metal clasps. Our Sports Bands are the only emblems where no metal touches your skin. So if you lead an active life, or you're allergic to metals our Reflective Sports Band is the perfect emblem.

Small strap size: 12 - 16cm (5" - 6½")

To help you decide what disc size is most appropriate for your MedicAlert emblem, please look through the additional size images on the left. If you would like further advice, please visit choosing the right disc size.

Our MedicAlert sports bands are designed to be adustable to fit the wrist sizes indicated in the strap size. For additional guidance on getting the fit right for this product, please check our guide on how to measure your wrist.

Measuring your wrist

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