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Camouflage Sports Band

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Our Camouflage Sports Band works for all age ranges and is great for those with an active lifestyle, as well as being an ideal medical ID bracelet for young children to give their parents peace of mind.

Our range of sports bands can be worn discreetly with uniforms and are durable for even the most active of people. Its velcro fastener make our sports bands quick and easy to put on, as well as simple for those who have difficulty with metal clasps. Our Sports Bands are the only emblems where no metal touches your skin. So if you lead an active life, or you're allergic to metals our Camouflage Sports Band is the perfect emblem.

Small strap size: 12 - 16cm 

Standard strap size: 14 - 17.5cm 

Large strap size: 16 - 21cm

To help you decide what disc size is most appropriate for your MedicAlert emblem, please look through the additional size images on the left. If you would like further advice, please visit choosing the right disc size.

Our MedicAlert sports bands are designed to be adjustable to fit the wrist sizes indicated in the strap size. For additional guidance on getting the fit right for this product, please check our guide on how to measure your wrist.

Measuring your wrist

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Problem sorted

By Auryn 21st Mar 2015

After receiving this bracelet my son found it uncomfy to wear, it was cutting into his skin. I returned the item and Medic Alert fixed the problem by finishing off the ends properly and smoothing off jagged pieces of melted velcro. It is a shame it came to us in the first place without suitable quality control but Medic Alert dealt with the complaint very professionally. It is a very tough wrist band, suitable for active school children. My son now wears his with pride.

(Note from MedicAlert: We are sorry this bracelet slipped through our QC procedure. We have modified our systems to try and ensure this incident is not repeated.)

Still a great choice but check before you buy a second, sizing appears to have changed

By Helen 14th Mar 2015

This is the second we've purchased for our son, he is now 9. Still a great choice, especially for children or anyone active. He has worn his first one for a good two years, showers, swimming everything, all that has happened in that time is the red paint has faded and because his wrist was small the Velcro overhung and has gathered fluff etc over the years. Still plenty of space in that first one so we ordered the same size again, however it is smaller and will not last as long as we'd anticipated as he grows so would have ordered a medium had we realised the change. Plus this one is much scratchier as harder than previously so a little disappointed this time.


By Catherine 10th Jul 2014

Given the price we paid we were very disappointed with the quality of the wristband. It is incredibly uncomfortable to wear. Very stiff and scratchy. My son refused to wear it. Had to stitch a layer of felt to the underside to make it slightly more comfortable but even so my son will only wear for short amounts of time due to discomfort. We paid the membership fee even though it's not that beneficial for our son as we thought we would be getting a well made, good quality item We were wrong. Waste of money. Should have gone with a cheaper alternative that didn't insist on membership to be able to purchase.

looks great but itchy and unforgiving

By Ben 24th Feb 2014

This looks great but my 8 year old wont wear it as it is too scratchy and uncomfortable so a waste of money for us unfortunately.

Excellent Sport wrist bands but slightly small in maximum length

By Chris 7th Aug 2013

Sport wrist bands are ideal for young and senior users of all ages and fully recommend them but I wish manufacturers would consider making them with a larger size strap. Now that sport bands come in many colours the choice of colour has become more acceptable at home, school and in the work place. These sport bands are comfortable to wear and stay on in all environments and easily dried if they become wet with rain or water. I personally have worn these for the last 5 years without any problems. Like many soldiers and service men and women I have a larger than usual wrist strap size, comes from building strong muscles and bones, sadly I have a 8.5 to 9 inch wrist which makes it difficult to find the right size bracelet to suit all my needs. I alternate between wrist band and dog tag depending on what I am doing with my hands and cloths I wear.

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