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How MedicAlert can help after an Alzheimers diagnosis

People with dementia can appear confused and may not be aware of their surroundings. This can mean that they sometimes find themselves in a vulnerable situation. A MedicAlert disc can bring their condition to the attention of healthcare professionals in an emergency situation. It's important to know that these symptoms have been diagnosed to tell them apart from any new issue that may have arisen. More specific details are held in the member's medical record. Healthcare professionals will be able to obtain this specific information to help them understand the underlying health condition and provide swift treatment.

How we can help

Alzheimers progresses differently in different people. MedicAlert understands this and are able to help by providing a member record, specific to the individual. We also know that this is a very sensitive condition and not everyone with it knows they have it. We consider this and  ensure that the text on their disc is worded in a way agreed with their carer so that the individual member has a recorded incorporating their specific needs. MedicAlert can also include emergency contact information in the members' record so that they are contacted in an emergency.

To discover more about how MedicAlert can help you visit www.medicalert.org.uk.

Providing more than just jewellery

MedicAlert not only provides medical I.D. jewellery, we:

  • Provide a sense of security that our members' conditions will be made known in an emergency.
  • Boost our members' confidence so that they are able to live a more independent life.
  • Provide members' families with the peace of mind that should they become involved in a medical emergency or vulnerable situation; their MedicAlert jewellery will be able to communicate their individual needs to emergency responders

How do medical I.D.'s work?

Your MedicAlert I.D. has the universally recognised medical symbol on the front of the disc. Your Alzheimer’s information is assessed and engraved on the reverse taking into account the members or carers wishes so that they can be made known in an emergency care situation. More detailed information such as a list of medications as well as emergency contact information is contained on your detailed medical record. When the healthcare professional treating you calls our emergency number and provides your unique membership number (also on the disc), they will be told more about your condition and medication so they have a complete picture of your individual needs and medical history.

No other medical identification service gives you the breadth or quality of information to manage your condition. So what are you waiting for, join MedicAlert today.

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