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Suffered a stroke? Discover how MedicAlert can help...

Speed is of the essence when treating those who may have collapsed due to a stroke. If someone has previously suffered a stroke, they are at a higher risk of having another. Health professionals need to know if there has been a history of strokes and the types of medications taken. Clips may sometimes be surgically inserted at the site of a previous bleed (to stop further bleeding). A subsequent stroke could cause the clip to move. Clips are also contraindicated with MRI scans.

By registering with MedicAlert you will gain additional reassurance that in case you’re involved in a medical emergency; your MedicAlert I.D. jewellery will alert emergency personnel that you have had a stroke in the past, what type of stroke you had, what medication has been prescribed and the location of any clips that have been surgically implanted.

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What our members say

Over the years, MedicAlert has provided help and reassurance to members with a wide range of conditions and allergies. From asthma to heart conditions, our medical I.D. jewellery gives our members and their families’ peace of mind an additional security to live their lives with a greater sense of independence.

"It offers a person security and peace of mind that if anything happens to them people will be informed and it gives a person more confidence. I would recommend MedicAlert for other people in a similar situation with severe allergies.2 – Mandy (severe allergies)

"As Adam is becoming more independent I am more reliant on MedicAlert as I cannot be with him all the time, I know that his emblem can" – Adam’s mum (Adam has M.E.)

"When I have an attack, I awake in a complete daze with a first aider asking me questions and I am unable to communicate. This is why my MedicAlert Emblem is so important and has become an integral part of my life" – Faye (Epilepsy)

How MedicAlert I.D. jewellery works

Your MedicAlert I.D. has the universally recognised medical symbol on the front of the disc which is instantly recognisable. Your medical information is assessed and prioritised in order of importance in an emergency care situation and listed onto the reverse of your MedicAlert jewellery. More detailed information such as dates of previous strokes, list of medication, clip locations or allergies are contained on your detailed medical record. When the healthcare professional treating you calls our emergency number and provides your unique membership number, (also on the disc,) they will be told more about your condition and medication so they have a complete picture of your medical condition and history.

No other medical identification service gives you the breadth or quality of information to manage your condition. So what are you waiting for, join MedicAlert today.

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