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Louise Pepperall lives with epilepsy


Name: Louise Pepperall
Age: 51
Conditions: Epilepsy, arthritis, asthma, degenerative disc disease
Wears: Classic Bracelet


“I would recommend MedicAlert to anyone with hidden medical conditions like mine!"

Louise has been a MedicAlert member for more than 11 years now; read her story on how challenging the hidden medical conditions have been for her:

My medical conditions have affected my life in so many ways. 

I’ve always struggled to get a job, as many employers hesitate to hire an epileptic.

I enjoy doing needlework and swimming; I also love traveling as much as I can. However, I find it difficult to do many things due to my OA and scoliosis. 

During a holiday, I found out about MedicAlert from a lady who was wearing a bracelet that captured my attention. I became a member and started wearing a MedicAlert bracelet, so that anyone could get help for me in case I had an epileptic seizure. I feel more reassured and I definitely have more confidence to go out and about.

I would recommend MedicAlert to anyone with a hidden medical condition like mine! My fits could be misinterpreted if people didn’t know I am actually epileptic. MedicAlert can speak for me if I can’t, potentially saving my life; for me this is priceless! 

“MedicAlert can speak for me if I can’t, potentially saving my life; for me this is priceless!" 

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