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All necklaces can be ordered at the length to suit your needs.
To choose the right length necklace, you need to consider how long you would like it to hang.
For instance, you may opt for a longer chain if you would like to slip the necklace over your head rather than use the clasp.

One helpful way to choose the right length is to measure a necklace that already fits you well.

We’ll need the measurement in centimetres, so please use a soft dressmaker’s tape measure to accurately measure.

  • 40 cm - Choker length
  • 44 - 48 cm - Collarbone
  • 50 cm - Just below the collarbone
  • 56 cm - At or below neckline
  • 60 cm - Below the neckline

We advise that our necklaces are suitable for children aged 11 and above.

Visual on necklace lengths

Image is for illustration purposes only and should only be used as an estimate. Always measure yourself with a soft tape measure to ensure an accurate fit.