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Byzantine Silver Bracelet

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  • Made from hallmarked sterling silver
  • Features an intricate design
  • Available with a standard or large disc
  • To order a safety chain for this product click here


Measuring your wrist
Choosing the right disc size

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Worthless if you swim but otherwise great

By Angela 14th Apr 2014

I spent out on the Byzantine bracelet because other bracelets had poor reviews and others were no good for everyday use. This says it "holds up to day to day living" and no wear does it say you cannot go into a pool with it. Many of us will go into a pool either occasionally or on holiday. I do hydrotherapy once a week in a standard swimming pool and suddenly I noticed (after owning the bracelet for two months) it had gone dark grey, especially the medical part. It looks embarrassingly dirty. I have complained twice and been told to wash it in soapy water (I explained a) I can't do this as disabled b) someone else did for me and it didn't help). I was also told to do this after every swim (!). I have been offered �5 off a new bracelet!! It's a real shame. If you don't ever think you'll go in a pool it's lovely - lightweight, pretty and not at all like a "medical" bracelet.

Great Bracelet

By Anna 19th Mar 2014

I've had this bracelet for just over a week now and I love it, It is a good weight that you feel it's there but its not heavy or bulky in anyway. I was worried about the links nipping, as previous linked watches etc have done on my wrist, but happy to report after a week no signs of that. I've had many comments on how nice it is and people haven't even noticed the tag ( I have the standard size tag). I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get a nice piece of jewellery, that doubles as a MedicAlert tag.

Very elegant

By Jayne Nutter 14th Jan 2014

I bought the Byzantine bracelet for myself as a Christmas present - I have recently been diagnosed with Addison's disease and wanted to wear something more elegant than a basic bead bracelet. The design is lovely and the weight is more substantial than I expected. I am very happy to wear it, and it looks lovely when worn next to a watch. Thank you MedicAlert - I am delighted with my new bracelet.

Very pretty

By GS 27th Sep 2013

I am really pleased with this - I am in my twenties and think it looks stunning. The bracelet is quite snake-like and really catches the light. I had thought that it would be cylindrical but it is actually a cuboid (i.e. the edges are squared off rather than round). This makes it even more unusual probably, but it just took me slightly by surprise as I hadn't appreciated this from the picture.


By Sue Streatfield 20th Jul 2013

This was purchased for an anniversary/birthday gift, I wore it for the first time on the 19th May. Within weeks it went black, I was ashamed to wear it as it looked dreadful. Have returned to Medic Alert as apparently it has to be seen by their jewellers. I had taken it to an independent jeweller who doubted that, whilst the disc was silver, the chain was not and maybe plated. Will wait to see what jeweller's assessment is.

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