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Mesh Stainless Steel Bracelet

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  • Shield-style stainless steel disc
  • 14mm mesh stainless steel strap
  • Available with red enamel only
  • Suitable for everyday use including sports and swimming 

Please note that this bracelet is one size with an adjustable clasp. The strap size can be adjusted from 14.5cm to 20.5cm

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Price £19.95

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Great looking, but...

By Gregor 6th Feb 2018

I got this bracelet not that long ago, and was immediately impressed with how it looks right out of it's packing - there is no denying that it is a lovely looking bracelet that would fit in with smart or casual wear. However, the clasp which holds it shut is really very tricky to use - and I don't have any sort of motor skill issue. I'm not that confident that an emergency responder would be able to get the clasp open that easily in an emergency situation, when every second counts. So the bottom line is that it is a lovely looking bracelet, but for me it will be relegated to a back-up bracelet, because I'm not sure that I can trust it to properly "be there" when it matters. I will be sticking with one of the more tried and tested - and easier to get on and off - bracelets for every day wear.

Great buy

By Holly 23rd Jan 2018

At last a smart, affordable bracelet that looks great, is comfortable and a pleasure to wear. Great stuff Medic Alert! Just what I’ve been waiting for! Lovely bracelet and exceptionally helpful staff. Bravo!