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Classic Stainless Steel Bracelet

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  • Made from top quality stainless steel
  • Designed for its durability so it can be worn on a day-to-day basis
  • Available to fit a variety of wrist sizes
  • Available with a small, standard or large size disc

Please note:

  • the stainless steel disc may include traces of nickel
  • a lobster clasp will sit at the side of the bracelet as shown in the photos
  • a T-bar and toggle clasp will sit at the back of the bracelet


Measuring your wrist
Choosing the right disc size

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great but!

By Elizabeth Black 15th Sep 2017

I have had this bracelet for a number of years,however on my updated one from about 4yrs ago the lobster clasp is prone to come unfone, causing the loss of it twice, luckily i have found it again. But the second time it was lost for three months. It had falln through the back seat of my carwhen putting shopping innthere. It wasnt found until the next MOT. Not wanting to be without my medicalert i had ordered another one which had a bigger disc and looked bulky. When I found the original smaller disc one i solved the failing clasp by putting a small split ring around the links around the clasp. Itbdoesntnlook too good but it has prevented loss a couple of times since then. The previous original bracelet i had had never come undone in the five years I had it? It was also a lighter coloured steel that could almost pass for silver! Still a great product for peace of mind though!

amazing thing to have on you all the time

By monica maw 3rd Mar 2016

excellent thing to have

trouble-free security

By Pippa 3rd Jul 2013

I've worn mine for nine years, apart from literally a few minutes when it's snagged on something and fallen off -- which has only happened a couple of times. So I also feel reassured that it would fall off instead of damaging my wrist! I really recommend it. Like the previous reviewer, the red paint picking out the detail has now completely come off, but I prefer that style so it's not a problem!

Worn for years!

By Caroline 30th Jan 2013

I've worn this style of bracelet for about 20 years (really, it can't be that long......) It stays out of the way and is hardly noticeable. Only issue I've ever had is that the red paint comes off the symbol but apart from that - a great buy!