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Classic Stainless Steel Bracelet - Red

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  • Durable stainless steel bracelet
  • Suitable for every day wear
  • Available in a variety of wrist sizes
  • Available with a small, standard or large size disc

Please note:

  • the stainless steel disc may include traces of nickel
  • a lobster clasp will sit at the side of the bracelet as shown in the photos
  • a T-bar and toggle clasp will sit at the back of the bracelet


Measuring your wrist
Choosing the right disc size

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A life saver

By Lin 2nd Dec 2017

With three chronic conditions , a couple of complications related to one of those conditions plus an allergy to two medications I decided it was time to get a Medic alert bracelet. Fortunately mine has not been needed yet and hopefully long that may continue. I chose the stainless steel option as I didnt want some unscrupulous person to nick it before help arrived. I’ve been wearing this bracelet continuously since it arrived about six months ago. As stated in an earlier review the disc turns to the inside of my wrist , which I am quite happy with. The red enamel on the emblem and the lettering on the reverse is in perfect condition even though it’s subjected to cleaning products, bleach and daily wear. Shortly after ordering online I was contacted by one of their nurses to decide on which of my many medical conditions etc should be on the disc, I was most supprised at how much info could be put on the medium disc I had chosen. Info that is on the disc and other info such as medications and my next of kin details is safely stored on their system where it is easily available to medics . Hopefully my bracelet will never need to be used but I am so glad it is there on my wrist waiting and ready just in case.

Life saver

By Helen 26th May 2017

I ordered a bracelet when i became a member 23 years ago and have worn it continuously since then. The red colouring is still intact and only now has the lobster clasp broken. What a relief to know I can send it for repair. I've never been in the position where it has been needed but the fact that it has all the information to hand should I be is a huge relief.

Great comfort

By Alistair 24th Dec 2015

I am 51 and have worn the classic red bracelet for most of my life, having a serious allergy to penicillin. It is always a great comfort knowing that if I am in a situation where I am unable to speak my bracelet will led the emergency services to my vital medical details. Yes - the red enamel goes within a couple of months - but the shape is instantly recognisable. This is why each year I toy with changing to a more modern design, but each year I stick with the classic design - as I want the instant recognition this has with the emergency services, and not a fashion statement.

keeps dropping off wrist

By Andrew Hicks 5th Dec 2015

Yes, the red wore off quickly, but more importantly I had the T bar toggle clasp which kept falling off and I have finally lost somewhere in town It has not been returned. i must therefore replace it at significant cost. Seriously unimpressed!

poor quality

By Millie 1st Nov 2015

The last 3 bracelets of this design have all dropped off my wrist through a faulty catch. I had the first 2 mended by a jeweller, the last fell off while I was walking and remains lost. Am happy with all other services provided by Medic Alert

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