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Classic Silver Bracelet - Red

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  • Made from hallmarked silver
  • Durable enough to be worn on a day-to-day basis
  • Available with a standard or large size disc
  • Also available with no enamel or black enamel
  • To order a safety chain for this product click here


Measuring your wrist
Choosing the right disc size

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Not secure for rugged lifestyle!

By Anne Benson 7th Mar 2016

I never take it off and have worn it for 8 years. In the first few months it broke at the point where the chain is connected to the disc with an inferior connection ring (a chain is only as strong as the weakest link) so I got it fixed by a jeweller with decent connection rings. Since then it has not broken again but virtually all the red fell off in the first year, just a couple of bits of red left. I'm a window cleaning farmer so it has a rugged life. My previous standard silver was better made and lasted for 17 years before the connection links wore through and had to be replaced.

Excellent quality!

By Anne 13th Feb 2016

I have worn my silver/red bracelet daily for about fourteen years and am now replacing the disc due to a change in my medical details. The silver is as good as new apart from some scratches on the back of the disc, which are to be expected after so much use, and a very tiny area of red has rubbed off. I have been most satisfied with the quality and felt I must write this review and give this item five stars!

Returning mine for repair to chain..

By S Bradford-Wales 28th Dec 2013

Thank goodness this comes with a 12 month warranty as my chain has given way and come apart at the joint between it and the disc. I thought it looked like a pretty flimsy chain when I received it just a few months ago but being Medic Alert jewellery I decided it would be fine, I was wrong! I am forced to buy another one before I can return this broken one for repair because my medical condition is life threatening so it is costing me even more money which I am very unhappy about not to mention the extra long wait compared to other companies for me to receive the one I have to buy extra! Not a happy customer and new to Medic Alert too!