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9ct Gold Disc

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  • Designed to update your own chains
  • The Gold disc can be threaded onto your chosen necklace, so you can mix and match it with any piece of jewellery you choose to wear
  • Made from hallmarked gold
  • Available in either a standard or large size disc
  • Necklaces are suitable for children aged 11 years and older


Choosing the right disc size

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It will outlast me!

By David Ball 22nd Oct 2012

I've probably had my gold MedicAlert disk for 10 years, maybe a little less.

What can you say about 'a piece of jewellery' when the only item of jewellery you have worn for years are cuff links and sometimes a watch? Most of the time I forget I have it on, people who see it seem to have a fascination to read quite a bit of my medical history while I'm still wearing it.

Before MedicAlert I went through SOS talismans every six months, seemingly my skin is very acidic and they were just failing. Added to that, you have a rather long piece of paper which you need to fold up, place (or force!) it into the chamber then close the lid.

I was never sure with this system, if it would be recognised, if people could even read my writing and if it was opened at the scene of an incident what is the honest chance that the paper would get lost along with my important medical information? With my gold disc, the inscription on the rear will have survived and given a wipe down it would be no different to when it was new!