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Sports Band - Black

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  • Great for all age ranges and those with an active lifestyle
  • An ideal medical ID bracelet for young children to give parents/carers peace of mind
  • Features a Velcro fastener
  • Perfect choice if you're allergic to metals as the disc is not in contact with your skin

Medium strap: 14 - 17.5cm
Large strap: 17.5 - 22.5cm


Measuring your wrist

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More Issues with Strap

By Chris Bottomley 14th Apr 2017

Similarly to other reviewers I have had issues with the strap failing to stick after around 4 months of wear. The loop part of the tape appears to have failed possibly due to frequent water contact (sailing). The rings attaching the ID tag to the strap also have rough edges that catch on clothing. At least the strap on this one lasted longer than the leather one on the previous bracelet (now withdrawn) where the strap failed after three weeks. Bit disapointing really- my recomendation would be to go for one of the endurance bracelets where you can at least replace the strap with a conventional watch strap if it breaks.

Issues with strap

By Simon Dearnley 23rd Jan 2017

It should be noted more clearly that the large size of this band is bigger than any of the other "Large" sports bands. Don't make the same mistake that I made of ordering this as a replacement for an old one of another colour as it is far too big when you only have an 18cm wrist! Having persisted with it for a few months I'm now having to order something else, but in just a few months I have the same issue as Martin (15/7/16) with the plastic disintegrating and the Velcro not sticking. Nowhere near as good as previous sports bands I've had.

Issues with strap peeling

By Martin 15th Jul 2016

I have had 2 of these black sports bands now. Whilst I wear it for everyday use and rarely for sport, I have found that within months the plastic covering on the band begins to fray and peel away, making it very difficult to thread through the fastening. I then have to peel and cut away the bits of plastic and thread that then make the band very flimsy and scruffy. I will not be ordering another sports band but have ordered a leather one instead.

Okay, but...

By Mary Beaird 3rd May 2014

Overall this bracelet is okay, but as I've just updated my details I shall be changing to another cheaper style. I have two problems with it. The first is that is is plain uncomfortable, scratchy and sweaty and so I only wear it when I have to, when I'm on the motorbike, rather than when I should, all the time. Which leads me to the second problem. The links holding the disc to the strap aren't joined up properly, which has led to it catching on the lining of both of my expensive motorcycle jackets. I usually wear long sleeved teeshirts but even then I have to make sure the sleeve is wrapped around the band before I put my jacket on. Sometimes I put my jacket before the medicalert band, but I usually forget when I take it off and end up in a mess, my jacket half off and my partner trying to free the band without tearing the lining. This strikes me as a potential hazard is I was ever involved in an accident, so I'm pretty keen to swap to a safer, better-made design.

Overall Good

By Ed 8th Mar 2013

The only problem I have is that there needs to be an extra large size. the biggest size I ordered i can just barely get closed. The quality of the material is good. I just need a bigger size.

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