Our charitable programmes

Some of the charitable schemes we have in place

Early Start Programme

A sponsored scheme to protect vulnerable children up to the age of 10. This programme is kindly sponsored by Lions Clubs International.

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Education resources

As part of our ongoing awareness and education drives, we provide free resources for medical, educational and emergency professionals to ensure they have the right materials to train their staff.

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Goodwill project

Our Goodwill Project supports vulnerable individuals experiencing financial difficulties, with free or reduced-price membership and jewellery.

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Early Start Programme

Sponsored by Lions Club International, our Early Start Programme offers free membership every year for vulnerable children up until their 10th birthday. 

Membership provides each child with a personal electronic record to securely store their information including comprehensive medical history, directives or precautions to ensure no time is lost in an emergency.

Each child also receives their first item of jewellery for free. 

The disc will be engraved with their immediate details, their membership number and our 24/7 emergency phone number, so that first responders can access the child’s electronic record when needed the most. 

Any child living in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland

Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis to any child under the age of 10 who is living in the UK or R.O.I.

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Lions Clubs International

Education Resources

Education Programme

Although every paramedic and healthcare proffesional working with patients will have had some training on the importance of looking for Medical ID jewellery, the quality of this training can hugely vary from region to region. 

To help with the quality and consistency of this training, we provide free resources for medical, educational and emergency professionals to ensure they have the right materials to train their staff. 

Our literature is designed to reinforce this training, and over the years we have worked with trainers and teachers to educate professionals such as:

  • Accident and emergency staff 
  • Health care professionals, including doctors and nurses
  • Paramedics and first aiders
  • Carers in the community 
  • Educators and trainers
  • Fire fighters and police officers
  • And many more

Materials could be printed or digital media. Examples include:

  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Sample discs (perfect for training and educators)
  • Flyers
  • Talks and presentations
  • Featuring at medical events
  • Content for other organisation's media i.e. blog or magazines

To order some materials click here.

Goodwill Project

We provide peace of mind to thousands of people living with a variety of medical conditions. Unfortunately, many find themselves in financial difficulties temporarily, and are often unable to pay for our life-supporting and potentially life-saving services.

Our Goodwill Project supports these vulnerable people by providing them with free or reduced-price membership or jewellery. Many of these members who receive this Goodwill funding, return to give back to this scheme to help someone else who was once in their shoes. 

To donate to this scheme, click here.

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If you would like to help someone less forunate in need, please consider making a donation to any of our schemes. 

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Don't have the funds, but still want to help? 

Maybe consider fundraising for us or simply support us through spreading the word.

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