Early Start Programme Stories

With support from The Lions International Club, MedicAlert have been able to support many vulnerable children living with medical conditions or allergies across the UK, by providing lifesaving membership and jewellery completely free of charge. 

We asked parents and guardians of Early Start members: 
‘How has the Early Start Programme helped to support you and your child?'
'Can you tell us about a time where your child's MedicAlert was invaluable?'

Maddy Smith

"Maddy, and her brother, have a 50% chance (tests cannot confirm until she is older) of a rare genetic disorder called Malignant Hyperthermia, which is a fatal allergy to certain anaesthetics and muscle relaxants, common in hospitals and some prescribed medication."

"The Early Start Programme gives us peace of mind and life saving information, that if she was to be in an accident and us as her parents are not conscious or present (e.g. School, car) then the Doctor's will know and be able to treat her safely."

"MedicAlert ID would be invaluable in any accident scenario requiring emergency medical treatment."

Maya Hylton

"Maya was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was just over a year old. As with all toddlers, we feared that she may wonder off and become seperated from us and have a medical emergency. Being so young and unable to talk, we knew that the Medic Alert bracelet that we received free of charge as part of the The Early Start Programme was just what she/we needed. Many years on, Maya talks non stop, but the worry of her blood sugar going dangerously low and no one knowing what is wrong with her still remains. The Medic Alert bracelet that she wears reassures us that she will have a voice and it gives us comfort."

"As yet, Maya has not had any incidents where we have had to call on the help of the scheme, but the knowledge that they are there is great!"

Charlie Smith

"The MedicAlert service is essential for my family due to a fatal genetic allergy. It can be very costly to register the whole family with MedicAlert each year; and also to replace bracelets lost by young children."

"This program ensures it is affordable to do both and the children remain safe and covered."

"MedicAlert is essential when my children are at school and nursery (when parents can't be with them) to ensure their fatal allergies are known to both staff and medical professionals in an emergency."

Arthur O'Mara

"It gives us peace of mind knowing that Arthur is wearing his MedicAlert bracelet, and carrying his medical card with all his medical history updated."

"At the moment he is only 2, so i'm usually with him; but when he goes to nursery I feel happier to know that if anything happens, any medical personnel who examine Arthur will be able to quickly access his medical records."

"We got the bracelet this January. Thankfully we have not had any emergency since then."

Bobby Jones 

It give me peace of mind. Bobby has autism and cannot speak, he is also unaware of any dangers around him. Having the wristband, and a card in his schoolbag, I know that if an incident arises, medical staff will be aware of my child's medical issues."

Joshua Mountford

"Now Joshua has his MedicAlert membership and ID jewellery I have peace of mind and know it’s a lifeline for him should the worst happen. He has been a member for just over a month now and thankfully we have not had any need to use the MedicAlert service yet."

Joseph Cogan 

"MedicAlert provides peace of mind when I'm not with my son. It is potentially lifesaving to have his medical needs on him."

"It is invaluable for all the times when I'm not with him."

Share your Early Start Story

If you are a guardian of an Early Start member, and you would like to share your story, please email us at marketing@medicalert.org.uk or submit your entry using the link below. 

Your contribution will be shared with The Lions Clubs to demonstrate how their kind donations are making a difference!


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