How to join MedicAlert

Step by step guide on how to join MedicAlert online

--------------- Step 1 ---------------

The simpliest way to join online is to hover over the "My MedicAlert" drop-down menu as highlighted below. (located top right-hand corner in pink)

MedicAlert homepage

--------------- Step 2 ---------------

Once you are hovering over the menu, a drop down will appear.
Click on Join MedicAlert.

Join MedicAlert

--------------- Step 3 ---------------

Next, choose what type of account you would like to set up.

If you are under 18, then select the "Minor" option (your account must be managed by an adult). 

If you are over the age of 18 then select the "Myself" option.

Choose account type

--------------- Step 4 ---------------

You will now need to fill in your basic information.
If you are creating an account for a minor, you are also required to enter your information, as well as the information of the minor you wish to create the account for.

Fill in your details

--------------- Step 5 ---------------

You will now need to verify your email address.
To do this, simply enter the six-digit code we've sent to the email address you gave us on the previous screen (the email may take a few minutes to send).

Verification email

Example of email you will receive

Verification Page

Input your unique code in the verification box

--------------- Step 6 ---------------

Now you have verified your email address, you will need to input some more information, and provide answers to three unique security questions.

Fill in details

Fill in details pt 2

--------------- Step 7 ---------------

Before finishing up, you will need to provide at least one emergency contact.
You will also have a chance to input your hospital and doctor's information too
(you can always do this later too if more convenient).

Add emergency contact details

--------------- Step 8 ---------------

After your My MedicAlert account has been created, you can either input further information (i.e. medication, allergies, health conditions, upload files etc.) or start browsing our product range.  

Thank you page

Please note that the annual membership fee of £32 will be added to your basket during checkout.

Still need help?

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