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When you register for a charity place with MedicAlert in the MK Marathon 2017 you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1) Registration

  • You are responsible for registering your charity place in the MK Marathon. Failure to do so will mean you will be unable to run.
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2) Age 

  • The minimum age of entry for a charity place is 18 years. 
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3) Fundraising pledge 

  • All sponsorship monies raised by you as a result of completion of the MK Marathon will be donated to MedicAlert
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4) Consent 

  • You consent to your name and any photographs or video footage of you taken during your participation the MK Marathon being used by MedicAlert for advertising and marketing purposes. 
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5) Health 

  • It is your responsibility for ensuring that you are medically fit and able to participate in the MK Marathon. By registering to participate in the MK Marathon you agree that you are medically fit. You should not participate in the MK Marathon if, for any reason, you are concerned about your health and wellbeing. 
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6) Withdrawal 

  • If you have to withdraw for any reason you must inform MedicAlert of your intention to do so immediately.
  • MedicAlert reserves the right to forfeit your place and remove your details from the MK Marathon registration console at its sole discretion.
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7) MedicAlert 

  • Whilst you represent MedicAlert in the MK Marathon MedicAlert asks that you do not do anything that may harm its reputation or act in a manner contrary to its values.
  • MedicAlert cannot take responsibility for any injury, loss or damage caused or sustained as a result of you participating in the MK Marathon.
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8) Contact 

  • When you register for a charity place with MedicAlert in the MK Marathon, you agree that MedicAlert may contact you via email, phone and post. 
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9) How to contact MedicAlert 

10) Applicable law 

  • Any dispute or claim arising from these terms and conditions will be determined by the laws of England and Wales, and considered exclusively by the English Courts. 
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