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18 September 2018 MedicAlert
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Richard Gough

Name: Richard Gough

IHCD Ambulance Aid, IHCD Paramedic, IHCD Clinical tutor, Cert. Ed, MCPara


Joined ambulance service 2002, Paramedic (2007), Education and Training Officer (2009), Post Qualification Manager (2013)

Richard Gough is a Post Qualification Manager at the West Midlands Ambulance service NHS trust. We asked him some of our most commonly asked questions about our service, and how MedicAlert helps both him and our members.

-Do responders know to look for MedicAlert ID jewellery?

All responders have mandatory training as part of a primary survey (ABCDE approach) to check for Medic Alert bracelets/necklaces, which can be identified by the internationally recognised medical symbol on the face of the jewellery. 

-Do responders know what to do when they see MedicAlert jewellery?

If they see MedicAlert jewellery, they will know to check the back of it to see what conditions and allergies you have, then determine the best course of action to take in a medical emergency.

-What can I do to help make it easier for a responder if I can't communicate?

To make it as easy as possible for a responder, make sure to wear your medical ID jewellery on a pulse point (neck, wrist etc.) as well as to make it as visible as possible so it is easy to spot, once it has been spotted the responder and MedicAlert will handle the rest.

-How can I be certain responders will get the correct information?

A responder will call the telephone number listed on the back of your medical ID jewellery, from there, they will give a MedicAlert employee your unique GB membership number, which will enable them to access your records and give a responder any specific details of your condition(s).

-As a former paramedic, was MedicAlert helpful for you?

It can be very useful, it allows us to identify any illnesses a MedicAlert member may have, that are not obvious to us. This helps us to decide the best course of action to take for each specific incident, so we can handle the situation more effectively and safely.

-Will they also give details about an advance decision?

Yes, MedicAlert jewellery is also available with the option to have and an advance decision(s), this information can be retrieved once again by calling MedicAlert and giving them your Unique GB membership number.

-Will it work if I am in another country (that doesn't speak English as their primary language)?

Yes, when a first responder calls the number on the back of the jewellery, from there, the line operator will detect what language is required and using the help of a translator communicate with them in a three-way call. (Learn more here)

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