01 November 2018 MedicAlert

This month is the annual Movember movement across the world, an opportunity to raise awareness and tackle the issues of men’s health.

In recent years, Movember has grown and expanded from the opportunity to avoid shaving for 30 days, to address many health topics including suicide prevention among men. This has been particularly welcome in Wales, where suicide rates are higher for men than other parts of the United Kingdom. 

Why does it seem to be more difficult for men to address their own mental health? 

"Men are expected to have strength, dominating positions of power, the hunter-gatherer, the idea that strong and silent is alluring/attractive, the “show no weakness” bravado of heroes in our media. In many of these macho images, there is little room for showing poor mental health. The men who are most revered in society (famous, wealthy, successful, powerful) are not always ready to admit their struggles in public and that can leave the “average bloke” feeling uncertain about speaking out."


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