Keeping Bikers Safe
25 February 2019 MedicAlert

Bikers are particularly vulnerable during an accident as they are likely to suffer from physical injuries. It is important to not move a biker or remove their helmet until their condition is assessed. At this point, however, vital information about their medical conditions can significantly impact initial care decisions.

MedicAlert has supported Biker Down, a UK Fire and Rescue Service initiative, in the funding of an additional safeguard for bikers: the helmet tag. This consists of a plastic pouch that attaches to the side of a helmet and can be torn open, when needed, to release a piece of paper containing vital details about the biker including their MedicAlert membership number and our 24/7 emergency contact telephone number. The tag is clearly marked as holding medical information, helping first responders to ensure the injured biker receives fast and accurate  treatment according to their needs, for example:

  • A haemophiliac will be more likely to have internal bleeding, and also shouldn’t have a procedure such as tracheostomies to clear airways as they could bleed out.
  • A biker with an allergy to opioids, such as morphine, should receive other methods of pain relief.
  • A diabetic rider could also be suffering from hyperglycemia, which may not be spotted without the MedicAlert jewellery and helmet tag.

RED Helmet Tag

'MedicAlert UK is very pleased to support this excellent Fire and Rescue Service initiative, Biker Down, which is run by 23 Fire Services around the Country. Early, appropriate medical treatment in emergency situations can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of outcomes. Bikers with medical conditions will be better protected with the helmet tag.' - Kirsten Giles, CEO of MedicAlert UK

We are delighted to support those with medical conditions whilst on the road, at a time when their medical ID jewellery is likely to be hidden by leathers. As a charity, we aim to provide peace of mind to all our members and their families; this additional safeguard provides another tool in which we can achieve this aim. The helmet tags will be available to both existing and joining members as a free of charge item, with joining members also able to use discount code BD5 to receive a £5 discount on membership.

In addition, those with such simple medical needs who do not require MedicAlert membership can also request a tag free of charge by sending a stamped addressed envelope to Biker Down Helmet Tags, The MedicAlert Foundation, 327 Upper Fourth Street, Milton Keynes, MK9 1EH.

“We are delighted that MedicAlert UK have supported the initiative with Biker Down. They lead the way in providing emergency medical ID services with their team of qualified medical professionals checking individual medical records. With this information available to emergency services 24/7 they provide peace of mind to members and their families. This is particularly valuable to bikers who are at more risk of injury.” - Steve Reed, Medical Data Carrier

To take advantage of this offer, visit

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