At MedicAlert we are so proud to introduce and congratulate Alison Milne as the winner of the prestigious UK award for Endocrinology Nurse of the Year. Alison has been key in the inception and ongoing organisation of MedicAlert’s link with NHS Grampian which supports local patients to access our services, so her award is extra special to us!

Alison was chosen by the Society for Endocrinology as nurse of the year for 2019 in recognition of her exceptional work within this speciality. The award recognises those who have demonstrated innovative and successful nurse-led initiatives.

“I feel very honoured and privileged to have been given this award. Endocrinology has been my passion over the years, especially pituitary conditions. Steroid education and patient safety have always been paramount throughout my ever-changing role‚Äč” said Alison.

alison milne nurse of the year

The Society particularly highlighted Alison’s support of patients with rare and complex conditions during a decade, running the UK wide Pituitary Foundation Endocrine Nurse Helpline.

Alison added: “This helpline is a really valuable service for patients and the families and carers of people who have been diagnosed with a pituitary condition. Many hospitals in the UK don’t have a specialist endocrine team and have no endocrine specialist nurse to offer advice and support. The Endocrine Nurse Helpline is a lifeline for many patients who feel isolated and, over the years, the increasing demand has highlighted this.”

Alison has also been a tireless advocate of our charity, explaining to her patients the peace of mind that MedicAlert provides through our full medical ID service, keeping them safe in the case of an emergency. MedicAlert supports NHS Grampian in Aberdeen, with local patients in the area benefiting from one year's membership and their first piece of medical ID jewellery free of charge. This scheme has been kindly sponsored by the NHS Grampian and we are grateful to Alison for all her work and dedication in raising awareness of MedicAlert.

If you would like to support us in raising awareness among people who could benefit from the full medical ID service MedicAlert offers, click the button below and learn more about what you can do:


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