The MedicAlert Foundation was formed in the UK in 1964 - a whopping 55 years ago!

How did it all start?

In 1941, at just 14 years old, Linda Collins cut her fingers. During treatment, she was given a skin test for a dose of tetanus antitoxin and went into near-fatal anaphylactic shock.

Luckily, she survived; however, if Linda had been given a full dose, she may not have survived. Her parents, Dr Marion and Chrissie Collins, now more aware than ever of Linda’s vulnerability in an emergency, would attach a note to Linda's coat describing her allergies whenever she was away from home.

Collins Family

When Linda started university, they wanted something more permanent, so they designed a metal disc. Showing the Rod of Asclepius (Greek symbol for healing - the familiar sword with a snake wrapped around it), and 'MedicAlert' in red; and on the back - details of Linda's allergies.

Other people with allergies started to notice Linda's bracelet and interest grew. The Collins family decided to share their ideas with others and set up a charity. By 1957 they were organising national mailing campaigns, designing MedicAlert posters to send to hospitals and police departments as well as presenting at medical conventions in their home country of USA.

Dr Collins noted ‘I think I can save more lives with MedicAlert than with my scalpel.’

The original and the best

Over the next few years, the charity continued to grow and spread around the world, with MedicAlert UK being founded in 1964 as the original UK based medical ID provider.

Based in Milton Keynes, MedicAlert UK now supports over 45,000 individuals with medical conditions and allergies, providing them with peace of mind to remain active and join in.

Our members wear medical ID bracelets or necklaces that provide their most vital information, whilst their online record is available 24/7 via a dedicated emergency line manned by the London Ambulance Service. Last year alone, our emergency line answered over 700 calls.


Recommended by medical professionals and clinics, all member records are checked by our in-house nurses to ensure that the information is medically sound for use in an emergency. Members can also appoint one or more advocates to help manage their records, which means that MedicAlert is also able to protect very young, old and more vulnerable members.

Our birthday gift to you

MedicAlert UK is 55 this year and a special promotion is available to celebrate!

We are offering a 15% discount to EVERYONE who uses the code 55YEARS between 28th - 30th July, with one lucky member being chosen at random to have their order paid up to the value of £55!

If you or a loved one is living with a medical condition, now is the best time for you to pick your jewellery and become a member!


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