The MedicAlert Foundation are proud to announce their new partnership with Genetic Alliance UK, the national charity working to improve the lives of patients and families affected by genetic, rare and undiagnosed conditions. This partnership will allow those with genetic diseases, rare diseases or syndromes without a name to save 10% on MedicAlert services, whilst also raising valuable funds for Genetic Alliance.

Genetic Alliance UK is an alliance of over 200 patient organisations. It is also the home of Rare Disease UK – the national campaign for people with rare diseases and all who support them – and SWAN UK (Syndromes Without a Name), the only dedicated support network available for families of children and young adults with undiagnosed genetic conditions in the UK.

They understand that those living with rare or undiagnosed conditions can experience difficulties both during emergency situations and other healthcare instances, as their symptoms may not be recognised or misdiagnosed as an indicator of a more common disease. This lack of understanding can lead to inappropriate treatment or, in worst case scenarios, potentially fatal errors.

To help protect people with rare, genetic and undiagnosed conditions, MedicAlert has offered a 10% discount on their initial purchase of a 1 year membership and accompanying medical ID jewellery. On top of this, to support the work of Genetic Alliance UK, we will donate 5% of the value of all eligible purchases to the charity.

Kate Bradstock

Kate Bradstock with Tink the bird

Kate lives with Long QT syndrome, a rare heart condition which often goes undiagnosed. She has been a MedicAlert member since her 20’s, when she started to collapse on a regular basis before going into cardiac arrest at work.

Her condition means her heart can go into a life-threatening arrhythmia, caused by something as mundane as her alarm clock. However, she maintains an active social life and works full-time, thanks to the peace of mind her MedicAlert membership provides.

"With the confidence I have with my MedicAlert bracelet and membership, I carry on my everyday life as before and know that the right people will be called IF I ever need them."

If you are living with a genetic, rare and undiagnosed condition, click below to find out how our life-saving services can provide you with the confidence to lead a full and active life.


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