Choosing the right disc size

Every piece of MedicAlert ID Jewellery is expertly and individually made for you; which includes the engraving on the back of your disc.

Our medically trained staff will review the medical conditions, allergies and medication you have noted and create your membership record within our database. Our medical advisors use their expertise and the ABC principles of resuscitation to ensure that vital information is engraved on your disc. Full details are of course held within your membership record, which is accessible 24 hours a day via our emergency number.

We have a range of jewellery to suit the way you live your life. When choosing your jewellery, you will see that some of the discs are available in different sizes. The size of the discs largely dictates how much information can be engraved. These icons, along with the physical measurements of each disc, appear alongside every product in our online shop:

MedicAlert Key Small


Small Disc

MedicAlert Key Standard


Standard Disc

MedicAlert Key Large


Large Disc

If we are unable to fit all your vital details on the disc you have chosen, one of our medical advisors will contact you. They will discuss your request and be able to help you choose a different item if necessary.

If there is space on your jewellery disc, we can also engrave details such as blood type, organ donor or your name. The inclusion of vital details for the ABC principles of resuscitation are our priority, but if you would like to try to include additional wording, space permitting, please include the details on your order form.