How to measure your wrist

Most of our jewellery is custom made to ensure a comfortable fit.

Using our bracelet sizing cone, we meticulously craft our jewellery ensuring the inner circumference is accurate to your measurements so that the size you order, is what you will receive.

Photo of the cone tool we use to measure our bracelets
PHOTO: How we measure the circumference

Below are two different methods for measuring your wrist. 

To choose your size, measure your wrist in centimetres. Depending on your choice of jewellery, you may wish to add some additional length for comfort, depending on your preference.

 If you cannot find a suitable size, please call us to discuss bespoke sizing (this will incur an additional charge of £2.50/€2.96).

Photo of a wrist being measured

1) Using a soft tape measure:

  1. Wrap the tape measure snugly around your wrist and note the measurement
  2. Add your comfort allowance (depending on preference)

Photo of measuring with a piece of paper

Photo of measuring with a piece of paper

2) Using string or a strip paper and a ruler:

  1. Wrap a piece of non-stretchy string or paper around your wrist
  2. Cut or mark the string or paper where it meets the starting point
  3. Measure the flattened piece of string or paper against a ruler
  4. Add your comfort allowance (depending on preference)

Size alterations

If you would like to alter the size of your jewellery, please tell us the finished size you require and we will make it to your size.

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