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For as little as £29.50, your donation provides a child with one year of MedicAlert cover. Alternatively, a donation of £295 would cover a child from birth until their 10th birthday.

MedicAlert provide assurance and life-saving support to thousands of members each year via custom-made ID jewellery and a personal electronic emergency record.

Conceived in 2013 the Early Start Programme has sponsored many children and provided families from all backgrounds the peace of mind that in an emergency situation, their child's vital details could be obtained when they are needed the most. 

Each jewellery disc is engraved with a unique reference number, key medical conditions or vital information and a 24/7 emergency phone line which can be accessed from anywhere in the world and we can converse in more than 100 languages. Wearing your MedicAlert jewellery allows emergency personnel to obtain initial information from the disc on your bracelet or necklace, with further detail being available via the electronic record you hold with us.

Available to all children up to 10 years old in the UK and Ireland, your kind donations will provide full membership benefits and a suitable item of jewellery.

It's up to you how much you choose to donate, however; all amounts are greatly appreciated and go towards helping a child who would benefit from our membership.

If you have a child aged 10 or under and would like to apply for a place on our Early Start Programme please visit our APPLICATIONS page.

Please note spaces are limited as the programme relies on donations and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Should we receive an application whilst the programme has no spaces, we will contact you to discuss further options.



How you can support this cause

Donating to the 'Early Start Programme' is easy, simply: 

  1. Download and print out our donation form below
  2. Complete the form and enclose a cheque made payable to
    'The MedicAlert Foundation' 
  3. Post the form and cheque to us at:

Early Start Donation
327 Upper Fourth Street
Milton Keynes
MK9 1EH 

Download, print and post in our donations form 


Or alternatively, donate through TotalGiving now