Classic Bracelet (Stainless Steel)

How it all started; this design is the original MedicAlert style since our humble beginnings. A true classic.

  • Suitable for everyday wear.
  • Fastening using a lobster clasp.
  • Engraved with your unique membership number and our 24/7 emergency helpline, allowing access to your full record in an emergency.
  • Please note that the Stainless Steel may include traces of nickel.
  • Total length is inclusive of the disc.
  • Please click the 'sizing guide' link below for guidance on choosing the right product and size for you
  • PLEASE NOTE: The small disc is only available with red enamel

See our sizing guide

Price: £25.95


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Product reviews

Kathryn Solly
January 08 2024
My new Medic Alert bracelet gives me reassurance when I am out and about alone so that if I had a medical need folk would be able to access my needs rapidly.
Yasmin Crawford
June 22 2023
Do not measure with paper
Product is good but do not follow the measuring instructions with paper. Our bracket came back way too big so I re measured with paper and it was correct. I did it again with string and there was a huge difference. Was quoted about £14 plus postage to have it shortened (which was quite ridiculous as it was a 2 minute job) by the website but a local jeweller did it for £5. Having it adjusted in person also made it easier to get it right.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from this product, would you recommend it?
Fairly likely

Q: What can we do to improve this product?
Make the size adjustable within a short range.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service, would you recommend MedicAlert?
Fairly likely

Q: What can we do to improve our service?
Make the adjustment of size a reasonable price. People have already paid for the product.

MedicAlert: Hi Yasmin, apologies that you had trouble with the measurements, we try to be as clear and concise in our guide as possible. We are glad to hear you managed to get it to the right size and will be able to wear it to give you peace of mind. - The MedicAlert Team
Matilda Whittington
June 12 2023
Classic Stainless Steel Bracelet
This Milano Bracelet has a very sensibly sized Medium Elliptical with tasteful uncoloured engraving. I'm especially with the bracelet part- very pretty.
Aileen McCalman
May 06 2023
Fastening kept coming off
Nice product, but the link holding the clasp broke several times. I always managed to find it, but predictably, despite trying to secure it, its lost forever. Not even had it a year ?

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from this product, would you recommend it?
Very unlikely

Q: Why would you not recommend this product to a friend?
Link not secure enough Not that cheap either.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service, would you recommend MedicAlert?
Fairly likely

MedicAlert: Hi Aileen, we are so sorry to hear this has happened. Someone from our team will be in touch with you. If the timing is not convenient, please contact us directly on so we can assist you with this problem. - The MedicAlert Team
Christina Harris
November 20 2022
Great, but hospitals have never looked at medical bracelet.
Wish A an E and other urgent medical care take notice and read up to date info including blood group on medical bracelet. When one is very unwell you would hope that they would take note and not rely on patient to verbally inform of conditions. This recently has missed some conditions and tablets taken as I was too ill to remember. Maybe medical bracelet should be promoted more widely with hospital and ambulance staff. Maybe if staff notice they may think they are just a chain bracelet.
Sandra Smith
July 15 2022
Classic Bracelet
So sorry not to have done this sooner - broken wrist! Really pleased with the workmanship on the bracelet made for me (now on my unbroken wrist). It is reassuring to know that should I not be able to speak for myself someone will be there to do it for me. Many thanks for your easy and helpful guidance.
Gerry Costello
April 12 2022
Peace of mind at less than a coffee per day
This simple but very effective piece of stylish jewellery has changed my outlook on life. Knowing that there is someone at the end of a telephone 24 hours a day every day that can help save my life in an emergency is extremely important and reassuring. Thank you
Joanna Naish
February 16 2022
Everything was good about the bracelet ... except that the T bar fastening just wasn't secure enough and alas, bracelet came off my wrist and has not been found. Disappointed and wondering if I can afford to replace it at present.
MedicAlert: I'm sorry to hear that this has happened to you, if you are struggling to afford a new bracelet, please feel free to contact us as you may be able to apply for one of our discount schemes.
Catherine Cheeseman
February 09 2022
Good quality bracelet
Once I had got a bracelet with the right size chain, it was fine. The engraving is very clear and the details are correct. I do think that the wording on the website for measurement of the chain length needed needs to be reviewed. It is very confusing whether the disc length is included or not and mine ended up having to be sent back and redone.
Richard Burrell
January 16 2022
Unsatisfactory fastner
Ordered replacement bracelet for one that I’d had for years that had a bolt ring fastner which proved reliable. For the new bracelet I chose the bar and ring fastener for a change. This has proved disappointing as it has come undone unexpectedly several times resulting in the bracelet falling off fortunately not lost but irritating. If I had the option I would go back to the old types of fastner.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from this product, would you recommend it?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend this product?
For someone with an ongoing medical condition requiring regular medication, having the means to advise emergency personnel of one’s medication needs and medical history immediately could be a life saver. Wouldn’t be without it!

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service, would you recommend MedicAlert?
Very likely

MedicAlert: Thank you for the feedback Richard, this fastener should be secure as long as it is tight, however if it is loose it can occasionally come loose. It is best for those who struggle to open and close our more secure clasps as it is much bigger, however it is not quite as secure. If you did want to change the clasp, we do have an alteration service that you could make use of, if so I would suggest emailing us at and we help you find the right clasp.
Jennifer Wren
November 12 2021
My Stainless Steel Clasic Bracelet
This bracelet is so reasonably priced but just as good looking to wear as a more expensive version. The wording on the disc is clear and someone kindly phoned me to check the detail. This was most helpful. The chain is dainty and the sprung clasp is secure. I am very pleased with it and it gives me peace of mind.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from this product, would you recommend it?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend this product?
Reasonably priced, good looking to wear and peace of mind.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service, would you recommend MedicAlert?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend our service?
Very friendly and helpful service that gives peace of mind for a very reasonable annual fee. A wide choice of bracelets and necklaces etc. to wear

Deborah Luke
October 18 2021
The lobster claw broke on my bracelet so decided to go for a T-bar fixing instead. Unfortunately,the first day I wore it outside of my house, it fell off. Unlike previous bracelets, I didn't hear it fall so it could be anywhere I went that day. I reported the incident and was asked to measure my wrist again and give the details. I did so. That was in September and I have heard nothing since.
MedicAlert: MedicAlert response - We're so sorry to hear that you haven't had a response since September. Having checked with our customer service team, it looks like the follow-up email you sent with your wrist size had not reached us but a member of the team has now discussed this with you directly and we will ensure the issue is resolved promptly.
Benjamin Nevill
October 14 2021
Unhappy with purchase
I bought this to replace my previous bracelet as it broke. I got it with the longer chain this time as the previous one the chain was too tight. This one the chain was too loose I had some of the links removed to shorten it. But still way too loose so that is why am giving it a one star rating. I thought this was meant to be value for money then with this purchase I wasted my money.
MedicAlert: MedicAlert response - Thank you for your feedback Benjamin. We make all bracelets to order, to the size specified by our members. However, we do offer an in-house alteration service if you now realise that the size ordered is not right for you. If you'd like to discuss this option, please give us a call on 01908 951045 (8am-3:30pm, Mon- Fri). We will also attempt to contact you directly to see if we can assist. I hope this helps!
David Court
October 11 2021
Thank you for providing peace of mind to the family and myself with regards to my health and safety. If I could rate your whole team, Service you provide and quality of product it would be 10 gold stars and no homework at the weekend.??

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service, would you recommend MedicAlert?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend MedicAlert?
Peace of mind


Elaine Stevenson
October 01 2021
New to Medic Alert.
I’m really happy my friend told me about MA. I now feel so much safer knowing that if I was taken ill while out, that I would get the right help that I would need by wearing my bracelet and MA having my medical details.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from this product, would you recommend it?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend this product?
I would recommend this product because it’s a life line to important medical information and cosmetically lovely and not expensive.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service, would you recommend MedicAlert?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend our service?
It’s confidential and hold your medical information that could save your life.

Elizabeth De Falco
September 05 2021
Rather too long
I am pleased with the good,clear writing on the bracelet.However,I feel it is rather too long. It slipped from my wrist and fell on the floor the other day. Luckily, I heard it drop on the floor. I did measure my wrist when I purchased it,as directed. I chose a clasp that could be opened easily as I have fingers which are difficult to grip items but I feel this is a bit too loose.
MedicAlert: I'm sorry to hear that your bracelet does not fit you as well as expected, all our bracelets are made to the size ordered on a jewellers cone to make sure they are as accurate as possible. We do have an alteration service that is available to you, if you wanted to change the size of your bracelet. If you wanted to change anything about the bracelet or just discuss this further, then please contact us on 01908 951045 and a member of our team will be able to help you.
David Heyes
August 26 2021
Too long
I have the classic bracelet with a T bar fitting. However, it occasionally falls off so sooner or later I will lose it. There needs to be guidance on the web site about the length.
MedicAlert: Thank you for your review David. We do have sizing guidance within our jewellery guides (you can see these at but we understand that sometimes members may want to change their sizing after receiving their medical ID. For this reason, we also offer an alteration service, which may be suitable in this situation. We will be in touch directly with more information about this option. I hope this helps!
Lauren Jones
August 10 2021
Updated Bracelet
Ordered an update following a new diagnosis. Turnaround time was a little slower than previously experienced but given the pandemic, not unexpected. Really pleased with the result and an easy recommend - provides a little more peace of mind.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from this product, would you recommend it?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend this product?
Peace of mind that in the event of an incident or emergency, there is some information that may explain different reactions to situations.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service, would you recommend MedicAlert?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend our service?
A real comfort blanket - almost like some additional insurance - hopefully never needed.

Bianca Mitchell
July 23 2021
I love it
I love it for the peace of mind first and most importantly but I also love this bracelet for other reasons. I love the feminine look, it's almost dainty but quite robust at the same time and my two conditions fit neatly onto the small disc. I chose the T-bar closure this time owing to arthritis and once I worked out the T needs to be put through the jump ring from the right side of my wrist I've not had it fall off once. I do take it off to bathe, swim, and sleep - when swimming I wear my expandable bracelet (that is not at all feminine in appearance but stays on no matter what sport I'm indulging). It's a lovely and necessary 'accessory' and I really do love it.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from this product, would you recommend it?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend this product?
Good quality and looks lovely whilst providing great peace of mind, also the great service in order fulfilment.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service, would you recommend MedicAlert?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend our service?
Knowing in an emergency my medical records can be quickly and completely accessed anywhere in the world has been life-changing and I've recommended the service to many friends over the years knowing they can benefit from the same peace of mind I have enjoyed since the mid-1970s.

Brian Goodall
July 16 2021
So pleased with my bracelet. Don’t know I am wearing it. Saves the worry when I forget to take my card with me.
Sally Andrews
June 20 2021
poor clasp
I bought one of these bracelets a while ago and have real problems getting it on and off but apart from this have been really pleased with it...... until last week when fell off of its own accord on a day out without me noticing - I was away on holiday and therefore miles away from my spare one, thankfully I was with my son and not on my annual solo holiday, I'm really not happy - I've been with medicalert about 10 years and have never had a problem with a bracelet before, plus it would have spoilt my holiday if I was holidaying alone

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from this product, would you recommend it?
Fairly unlikely

Q: Why would you not recommend this product to a friend?
because the clasp is unreliable

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service, would you recommend MedicAlert?
Very likely

Q: Why would you recommend our service?
I've always received good service and it provides peace of mind

MedicAlert: We are very sorry to hear about your experience, Sally. We will be contacting you directly to discuss this further as we cannot currently identify this item amongst your purchase history and so would like to check it is in fact the Classic Bracelet that had a clasp failure.
Timothy Hardiman
December 15 2020
Good bracelet, poor clasp
I've worn classic bracelets for about 40 years - very reassuring to have on my wrist. But the new bracelet has a lobster clasp which has already come undone and fallen off twice. I would much prefer the old style clasp but it doesn't seem to be available now.
MedicAlert: Hi Timothy, thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that your medical ID provides you with reassurance. Please do email us at, quoting your membership number, about the clasp - whilst we have to source the components available at the time, we can look into options to ensure your bracelet stays secure if this version is causing any issues!
Nancy Clarke
December 12 2020
Ease of use
Have found the bracelet ideal for it's purpose and haven't had any problems whatsoever
Amy Tadd
December 11 2020
Very disappointed
The information disc is fine but the bracelet is extremely sharp. The first time I wore it, my wrist was cut in several places and Iv not worn it since. Terrible quality and no point being a member as in an emergency no one would know
MedicAlert: Hi Amy, thank you for your review. Unfortunately, we had a small batch of stock which we now realise did have sharper edges than our normal standard - it sounds like you unfortunately received a bracelet made from this stock. We have left a voicemail and will also email, so please do get in contact to arrange a replacement bracelet. I hope this helps.
Dawn Johnson
September 30 2020
Good product if you know what you are getting and can work a small, stiff clasp.
I have had a bracelet like this for about 5 years but needed a new one - for anyone like me with arthritis, just be aware that the new classic bracelets with the lobster clasps come with much smaller, stiffer clasps than the old bracelets they used to make. Shame, as I can't use it, can't be refunded as it is personalised, and would have to pay to have the clasp altered to match the old ones they used to use for these bracelets. Even if I get it altered, this would be the last bracelet I could ever purchase in this style as they have few of the old clasps left and are no longer using them. I've no idea why they opted to use a more fiddly clasp; but I wish they had opted to keep the old clasp, even if it meant a slight price increase. Even my husband - who doesn't have arthritis - finds this hard to use.
MedicAlert: Hello Dawn, thank you for your review. Whilst we understand that changing components does impact some members - for some this is in a positive way, for others, it may be a negative change - we cannot always source exactly the same clasps or other components as our most popular design have been available for over 50 years! However, please do give us a call if you'd like to discuss other options that may suit your needs better, such as our expandable bracelets. We'd be happy to chat these through and see what works best for you. I hope this helps!
Dawn Johnson
September 19 2020
Lost my old one - can't believe how little prices have gone up to replace in all these years!
So, lockdown and shielding meant I didn't need to wear my bracelet...then we returned to work and - somehow - I lost it. Really very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to order an identical replacement and that the price is not much more all these years later. For such peace of mind, it really is worth it.

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from this product, would you recommend it?
Fairly likely

Q: What can we do to improve this product?
Nothing. :)

Q: If you knew someone who could benefit from our service, would you recommend MedicAlert?

MedicAlert: Thank you for your review! As a charity, we try to keep our prices as low as we can. Please don't forget to wear your MedicAlert whilst at home too, even if you are shielding - unfortunately, more accidents occur in the home and the information on your bracelet and your full record can really help those caring for you in an emergency.
Kay Dunn
February 22 2020
T bar and toggle not very secure
I have worn my old bracelet which had a lobster clasp for 10 years. When It broke I bought the small stainless steel one but with a T bar and toggle as I thought it would be easier to do up. However, it came undone the first day and fortunately found it but 3 days later it has come undone again and this time lost. Not good value as I only had the bracelet for 4 days. Hate to be without the bracelet so will reorder but just not the T bar.
MedicAlert: Thank you for your feedback, Kay! We are really sorry you lost your bracelet. Could you please get in touch with us, by phone or email? As a goodwill gesture, we’d like to offer you a discount towards a new bracelet purchase.
December 02 2017
A life saver
With three chronic conditions , a couple of complications related to one of those conditions plus an allergy to two medications I decided it was time to get a Medic alert bracelet. Fortunately mine has not been needed yet and hopefully long that may continue. I chose the stainless steel option as I didnt want some unscrupulous person to nick it before help arrived. I’ve been wearing this bracelet continuously since it arrived about six months ago. As stated in an earlier review the disc turns to the inside of my wrist , which I am quite happy with. The red enamel on the emblem and the lettering on the reverse is in perfect condition even though it’s subjected to cleaning products, bleach and daily wear. Shortly after ordering online I was contacted by one of their nurses to decide on which of my many medical conditions etc should be on the disc, I was most supprised at how much info could be put on the medium disc I had chosen. Info that is on the disc and other info such as medications and my next of kin details is safely stored on their system where it is easily available to medics . Hopefully my bracelet will never need to be used but I am so glad it is there on my wrist waiting and ready just in case.
Elizabeth Black
September 15 2017
great but!
I have had this bracelet for a number of years,however on my updated one from about 4yrs ago the lobster clasp is prone to come unfone, causing the loss of it twice, luckily i have found it again. But the second time it was lost for three months. It had falln through the back seat of my carwhen putting shopping innthere. It wasnt found until the next MOT. Not wanting to be without my medicalert i had ordered another one which had a bigger disc and looked bulky. When I found the original smaller disc one i solved the failing clasp by putting a small split ring around the links around the clasp. Itbdoesntnlook too good but it has prevented loss a couple of times since then. The previous original bracelet i had had never come undone in the five years I had it? It was also a lighter coloured steel that could almost pass for silver! Still a great product for peace of mind though!
Carol Easley
August 22 2017
I bought a Sterling Silver Classic Bracelet, it came within a few days of ordering, I love it, and already had a few comments saying it does'nt look like a medical bracelet, I can wear it with anything too. So glad I finally ordered one its given me peace of mind when I go out too as I am allergic to most antibiotics recently so desperately needed. Thank you
May 26 2017
Life saver
I ordered a bracelet when i became a member 23 years ago and have worn it continuously since then. The red colouring is still intact and only now has the lobster clasp broken. What a relief to know I can send it for repair. I've never been in the position where it has been needed but the fact that it has all the information to hand should I be is a huge relief.
December 24 2015
Great comfort
I am 51 and have worn the classic red bracelet for most of my life, having a serious allergy to penicillin. It is always a great comfort knowing that if I am in a situation where I am unable to speak my bracelet will led the emergency services to my vital medical details. Yes - the red enamel goes within a couple of months - but the shape is instantly recognisable. This is why each year I toy with changing to a more modern design, but each year I stick with the classic design - as I want the instant recognition this has with the emergency services, and not a fashion statement.
A R Williams
May 14 2014
Lots of character and a great comfort.
I have worn this bracelet for 5 years and I love it. Yes the red comes off after a year or so but that just adds to the character. My bracelet has been by my side for 5 years and it is a great comfort to know that if I have a medical emergency my bracelet and the medic alert team are there to help. I love this bracelet and I am about to buy a new one but only because I need to update my info otherwise I wouldn’t bother because I still looks great. I would advise buying this product because it ages with you like a great friend. It is definitely worth buying.
April 30 2014
Still prefer this style but the red paint isn't durable
I have worn this style of medic alert bracelet for nearly 20 years now. The red paint always starts to come off after a month or two. However I would still wear this style rather than one made in silver or gold... if something should happen to me I don't want an opportunist taking my jewellery and leaving me in the street without identification. Far better to have a cheap one that nobody would bother to pinch
April 09 2014
Lovely bracelet but the red comes off
My son loved the bracelet but, we were all disappointed as a few months after being used, the red started coming off. The red makes the bracelet stands out and we decided to go for it as a way of (not only alerting paramedic on my son's condition) making all those around my son aware of his severe allergies. It is still a good product I must say.
R Law
October 18 2013
I have had this bracelet for about 12 years and have worn it everyday, all day. Excellent value for money. Only in the last year or so has the red colouring started to come off (and that is mainly because I wore other bracelets beside it which rubbed on it). The link between the emblem and the clasp came undone recently but I just attach the clasp strait to the emblem now, as it was loose enough for me to do so. The engraving of all my details is still in perfect condition. I really like it, it is neat looking and extremely sturdy. My only criticism is that on mine (they may be different now though) I don't think the clasp is stainless steel and the silver colouring slowly flaked off after a few years revealing a gold-ish colour underneath-but I quite like the quirkiness it has given it! I need new details added to my emblem now and will probably go for one of the more 'pretty' bracelets now that I'm older but I would highly recommend this one!
July 03 2013
trouble-free security
I've worn mine for nine years, apart from literally a few minutes when it's snagged on something and fallen off -- which has only happened a couple of times. So I also feel reassured that it would fall off instead of damaging my wrist! I really recommend it. Like the previous reviewer, the red paint picking out the detail has now completely come off, but I prefer that style so it's not a problem!
J Mason
June 21 2013
Just what I need
I've been wearing a MedicAlert bracelet for the last 37 years and I've only ever had to renew the bracelet twice in all that time, and then only because I need more information added to the disc. Otherwise the bracelets have all been fine - they're easily noticeable, which is the whole point of them, but because the disc swings round to the inside of my wrist, it can still look like a normal bracelet.
Emma Harrison
May 17 2013
Great little bracelet
I have been wearing my bracelet for around 3 years now and I have to say it stands up to every day very well and that I have had no problems at all with it. It is easily recognisable by anyone who comes to your aid and the engraving on it is very clear. It definately provides me with peace of mind in my every day life.
January 30 2013
Worn for years!
I've worn this style of bracelet for about 20 years (really, it can't be that long......) It stays out of the way and is hardly noticeable. Only issue I've ever had is that the red paint comes off the symbol but apart from that - a great buy!
Clare Usmar
September 12 2012
A great product, a sensible price
I'm asthmatic have toyed with getting an emblem for several years. It looks great, writing is very clear on the back, and clasp looks good and strong. I had a call from one of their medical advisers who checked my details and agreed wording. It took only a week to arrive, so I was very impressed. I used the print out measuring tape to work out my sizing which was really handy. As a small woman, I was pleased to find the medium sized emblem is just right, not so big as to draw attention when wearing it every day, but obvious if you looked for it.

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