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About our Jewellery

British Jewellers Association

British Jewellers AssociationWe are proud to be members of the British Jewellery Association (BJA), and are committed to providing the best service and standard of jewellery possible for our members.

We also abide by the BJA Code of Ethics, which means that we: 

  • Maintain the highest level of integrity and adhere to sound business practices.
  • Clearly indicate the true quality of products offered on sale.
  • Provide a standard of product and service of the highest possible quality, commensurate with price.
  • Have a clear guarantee policy on all jewellery.

We guarantee that your jewellery will be made to the highest standards by our expert jewellers and it will be delivered to you in pristine condition.

In the unlikely event that you have a problem with the jewellery in the first 12 months, (that is not due to everyday wear and tear), you can return the jewellery item to us for inspection and we will either repair or replace it.

Your statutory rights are not affected by this guarantee.

Handcrafted by our team of jewellers

Every piece of MedicAlert jewellery is handcrafted, which allows us to cater for specific sizing needs or other adjustments. We go out of our way to make sure that every emblem is unique, and receives the care and attention our members deserve.

Our collection of jewellery suits all tastes, and we work hard to create fresh designs that keep up with the latest trends. We use the leading design software to prototype new emblem styles, make refinements and view the designs from all possible angles. We then produce each item in our own facility, using a combination of traditional machinery and laser technology.

Why assay marks matter

Assay MarksThe UK Hallmarking system protects consumers by independently testing the metal content of silver and gold jewellery.

Assay marking is important because precious metals such as gold and silver are often too soft to be used in their pure form. They are usually combined with small amounts of metals such as copper to make the alloy more suitable for the jeweller to work with.

At MedicAlert, we insist on using the best quality precious metals. So when you see the assay mark on your gold or silver I.D. jewellery, you can trust in the purity of the piece.

To learn more about Assay Marks, visit the Birmingham Assay Office.

Choosing the right disc size

When you join MedicAlert you are given a unique GB reference number, this links to your individual electronic record held within our database. This record will list all of your personal information and is accessible 24 hours a day via our emergency number.

All conditions, allergies, and medication listed by yourself upon joining are reviewed by our team of medically trained staff. Information that is vital to your treatment in an emergency situation will be engraved on the reverse of your MedicAlert disc, any additional information will be detailed within your electronic record.

With several disc types to choose from when selecting a MedicAlert ID, it is important for you to decide on the most suitable disc for your needs. A few of our products are only available with a set disc size that can't be changed.

Should it not be possible to fit all vital details onto the reverse of your chosen disc one of our medical advisors will contact you to help you choose a suitable alternative.

Below you will see listed all of the disc types we have available to assist you in choosing the correct one. A complete sizing guide is listed next to each item within our online shop.

Elliptical discs

        Small       Standard          Large

Round discs

      Standard         Large


One Size discs

      Cable Disc     Shield Disc       Dog Tag



Rebel Bella Explorer  Quartermaster  

If there is space on your disc, we can also engrave details such as blood type, organ donor or your name. The inclusion of vital details for the ABC principles of resuscitation are our priority, but if you would like to try to include additional wording, space permitting, please include the details on your order form.

Choosing the right size bracelet
It’s really important your MedicAlert jewellery fits you properly, so that it’s comfortable and won’t fall off.
Please don’t estimate your wrist size or you may find that your bracelet is too tight or too loose.

Measuring illustration To request a MedicAlert tape measure for free, please contact our friendly customer service team.

Please measure the wrist you want to wear your jewellery on.

1) Wrap the tape measure around the largest part of your wrist (where your wrist bone is)

2) The tape measure should be snug around your wrist (not so tight it pinches and not so loose you can fit your finger underneath) and the tape should be in contact with your whole wrist.

3) Next, make an allowance for comfort.
Our jewellers advise using the table below to help you do this.

Comfort allowance guide

click to view at full size

4) Finally, add your wrist size measurement to the comfort allowance (from our table) and tell us the total size you need.
You don’t have to make an allowance for your disc, our jewellers have already done this for you in the sizing table. We just need your total measurement in centimetres.

Example measurements

click to view at full size

If your wrist measures 18cm and you have chosen a mid-weight chain and would like a looser fit, you should add 3cm to your 18cm and order your bracelet at 21cms.

Ordering a replacement chain

If you already have your bracelet and are ordering a replacement chain, you should still give us your total wrist measurement.

Bracelets with straps

Bracelets with straps, such as Sports Bands, Heritage, Prestige, MA15 or Athena Bracelets and Watches have a maximum and minimum wrist size. Make sure your wrist size is within this size guidance.

These bracelets are designed to fit snugly, so if your wrist measurement is near to the maximum strap size, be sure there is at least 1-2cm if you would like a looser fit.

Choosing the right length necklace
Necklace lengths banner

To choose the right length necklace, you need to consider how long you would like it to hang.

One helpful way to choose the right length is to measure a necklace that already fits you well.

We’ll need the measurement in centimetres, so please use a soft dressmaker’s tape measure to accurately measure.

  • 40 cm - Choker length
  • 43 - 48 cm - Collarbone
  • 50 cm - A few inches below the collarbone
  • 55 cm - At or below neckline
  • 60 cm - Below the neckline

We advise that our necklaces are suitable for children aged 11 and above.

Visual on necklace lengths

Image is for illustration purposes only and should only be used as an estimate. Always measure yourself with a soft tape measure to ensure an accurate fit.


What jewellery is suitable for people with metal allergies?

Nickel is a naturally occurring bright coloured metal, which is added to metal alloys to make them shiny, hard and durable. Without nickel and other base metals, most types of stainless steel, silver and gold would be too soft to work with. Nickel is commonly found in cookware, cutlery, coins, and naturally occurs both in our food and the environment around us. But some people suffer from an allergy to nickel (or other metals), on contact with the skin.

To deliver the quality and finish that you would expect from MedicAlert I.D. jewellery, our metal types may contain small amounts of nickel and other base metals. It just isn't practical to monitor the tiny detailed composition of every metal component in our range. All of the silver (925) and gold (9 carat) that we work with meets strict quality standards and has been hallmarked by the UK Assay Office, but the precise alloy of each component may be ever so slightly different based on which supplier we have sourced each component from. Many of our members with metal allergies successfully wear gold or silver items, but it depends on how severe your reaction is. The only way to be sure that you will be safe is to choose a "barrier" product; where there is limited, or no metal contact with your skin. To find the MedicAlert jewellery that limit the contact between metal and skin, please use the search criteria in the shop to select "For metal allergies".

Sometimes designs change...

From time to time, we may change components on our medical identification jewellery, in response to customer feedback or changes in our supply chain. Please refer to the picture for each product to see the current configuration.

  • I've had my emblem for about 5 years, it hasn't worn out and just feels a part of me now!
  • My mum thinks my bracelet is really cool – Jacob Clark, MedicAlert member
  • I can honestly say I would not have had the courage to continue to do the things I enjoy if I hadn’t been wearing my MedicAlert Jewellery – Charlotte Gee, MedicAlert member
  • I have a Watch and a Bracelet, they help reassure me and make me feel safe that in an emergency I will be given the correct treatment. - Jane Kennedy, MedicAlert member
  • The sports band fits well and won't slip off my daughter's wrist by mistake.
  • I have worn a bracelet for almost 50 years and I would advocate it to anybody who has a medical condition which affects their ability to communicate - Peter Prangley, MedicAlert member
  • My bracelet gives me complete peace of mind.
  • Often illnesses like my own are hidden. Because of this my bracelet is something that could one day potentially save my life - Lucy Dodd, MedicAlert member
  • Wearing a MedicAlert bracelet was instrumental in saving my life.