The UK's medical ID charity

What is a MedicAlert ID?

Designed to ensure you receive the care you need in an emergency, your ID hold your vital details.


How does MedicAlert work?

Our 24/7 emergency helplines provides access to your full digital records, anywhere in the world.



Why you need MedicAlert

No matter what your medical needs are, you could benefit from MedicAlert's life-saving services.



What our members say

We value all feedback we get from our MedicAlert community. We've asked our members how MedicAlert makes them feel and why they became a member.

Latest Articles

Grandfather and grandmother wearing her medical ID bracelet playing with their granddaughter

Keep your loved ones safe

MedicAlert is proud to announce the launch of the Safe and Found programme, which is a much-needed solution to help those living with dementia.


Grandmother wearing a medical ID bracelet sitting in the park with her granddaughter

Launching the Carer ID bracelet

MedicAlert have launched a new medical ID bracelet designed for carers, to provide additional peace of mind for you and your family.


MedicAlert expandable bracelet, athena leather bracelet, stainless steal bracelet and endurance bracelet

MedicAlert - My Security Blanket

Olivia shares why she has chosen MedicAlert to be her security blanket when it comes to living with severe asthma.


Some of our partners

Access your MedicAlert digital record from your phone using our digital Wallet Card app

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