CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Our 24/7 emergency helpline is operating as usual, as is our ID production unit. For all non-emergency communications, there may be a slight delay.

Your medical information. On you. Keeping you safe.

Worn on your wrist or neck, MedicAlert is with you when you need it most.

Your medical ID jewellery points towards your full MedicAlert record, containing you vital medical information, so first responders can make appropriate care decisions based on your individual needs. 

Nurse Checks

Your record is checked when it is created and amended, to ensure it is medically sound and optimised for emergencies.

Emergency Helpline

Always just a phone call away, our emergency helpline is available from anywhere in the world, in over 100 languages and dialects.

Advocacy Function

Nominate one or more loved ones to help manage your record, adding another level of security to your membership.


Medical ID Jewellery

From stainless steel to fabric, leather to 9ct gold, there is something for everyone!


"My MedicAlert bracelet saved my life when I became unconscious at university and then woke up in hospital."
- Kamila Donald


How does MedicAlert work in an emergency?

Luckily, emergencies are relatively infrequent. However, should the worst happen, we'll be right by your side.

First responders are trained to check pulse points, where they will spot the internationally recognised MedicAlert symbol on your jewellery. Through the jewellery engraving and your full MedicAlert record, they will be able to make initial care decisions based on your needs.

MedicAlert provides the peace of mind and confidence to live without limits, for the equivalent of just £2.67 a month.


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