Peace of mind if you live with a medical condition.

MedicAlert membership is more than just a medical ID. Your full online record, accessible 24/7 through our emergency helpline, ensures accurate decisions can be made when every second counts.

Illustration of MedicAlert Medical ID necklace

Medical IDs

Engraved with your most vital details - from £9.95

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Your full medical record - £36.00 per year

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Additional Items

A range of optional extras - from £3.00

MedicAlert is the most comprehensive medical ID service

MedicAlert membership costs less than 10p a day, with a wide range of medical ID jewellery at affordable prices. 

Benefits MedicAlert Other Providers
24/7 Emergency Helpline Some
Custom engraving included Some
Online account to amend your record at any time Some
Our nurses review your record X
Translation service in over 100 languages & dialects X
Medical documents stored for use in emergencies X
Appoint others to help manage your record X
A trusted international charity for over 55 years X


As a member, you help to support people who need our service, but are experiencing financial difficulties, via our Goodwill Project. To find out more, watch the video below:

“When you have an invisible illness, a MedicAlert bracelet takes away all the stress of being unable to tell people what is the matter with you. I highly recommend joining and it is also easy to manage your details online. Small price to pay annually for no anxiety and stress.” – Sheelagh Doran


Your Medical ID Jewellery

Membership and Jewellery, Working Together

Your unique member number is the key to your medical record. It is engraved on the back of your medical ID jewellery along with our emergency helpline. Your choice of jewellery alerts emergency professionals to your most crucial information and allows them to call us to access your full medical record.

Animation detailing the parts of MedicAlert jewellery

Not sure if MedicAlert is right for you?

MedicAlert membership will help to keep you safe in emergency, providing those looking after you with access to your vital medical information. If you're not sure if MedicAlert is right for you or a loved one, why not check out one of the below for more information?

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