Our Partnerships


We are currently operating at a reduced capacity. We will endeavour to respond to all messages, however there may be some delay.

We are still able to produce medical ID jewellery and our 24/7 emergency helpline will remain available at all times.

Collaborating with other organisations

At MedicAlert, we are always excited to partner with organisations that share our ethos of promoting safety and well-being. We believe in supporting those with medical conditions to remain active, independent and confident and we thrive on working with others with similar aims as ourselves.

Here are some of our partnerships

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

MedicAlert supports NHS Grampian in Aberdeen, with local patients in the area benefiting from a year's membership and their first piece of jewellery. This scheme is strictly invite only, and has been kindly sponsored by local council.

Lions Club International

Together with Lions Clubs International, we provide peace-of-mind for many families through our Early Start Programme. The scheme provides vulnerable children with medical ID jewellery and membership up until their 10th birthday.

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Anaphylaxis Campaign

As the only UK wide charity operating solely for the growing numbers of people at risk of severe allergies, Anaphylaxis Campaign has been providing information and support to patients and their families for over 25 years.

Visit Anaphylaxis Campaign

EMT Academy

Providing high-quality professional training to clinical and non-clinical staff, as well as first aid training within workplaces, EMT Academy now includes awareness of MedicAlert and medical ID jewellery within all of their courses.

Visit EMT Academy

Annabelle's Challenge

Supporting those living with vascular EDS, Annabelle's Challenge fully fund a years' membership for sufferers and also contribute towards their first piece of MedicAlert ID jewellery.

Visit Annabelle's Challenge

Biker Down

MedicAlert has supported Biker Down! in it's quest to keep bikers safe on the road. As an additional safeguard, helmet tags which align to MedicAlert's core range have been released.

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Cardiac Risk In the Young

Cardiac Risk in the Young provides personalised support to young people who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening cardiac condition. MedicAlert is supporting CRY members with discounted membership.

Visit myheart by CRY

Insurance Specialists

Living with a medical condition can make finding insurance products a challenge; this is why MedicAlert has teamed up with Free Spirit to offer our members generous discounts of up to 20%.

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Rotary International

In support of Rotary International's 'Health & Awareness Day' drive across the UK, MedicAlert provides attendees with discounted membership to help encourage holistic health and well-being.

Visit their website

Epilepsy Action

Epilepsy Action provides support and expert advice, also raising awareness and fighting for a better life for people with epilepsy. MedicAlert is supporting Epilepsy Action members with discounted membership.

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We have worked with Floxonix to provide their patients with a sponsored membership package, ensuring added peace-of-mind that their unique circumstances are communicated if they were ever in an emergency.


To ensure Medtronic's pacemaker recipients are safeguarded during an emergency, MedicAlert has provided a discount to help make sure they can access our services which provide a visual alert to first responders.

Becoming A Partner

If you're interested in working with MedicAlert, we would love to hear from you. We partner with charities, training organisations, NHS trusts and all types of corporates where we can create mutual benefits and support those who need our services.


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