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MedicAlert is a non-profit charity

We do not receive any government funding to subsidise our charitable projects.
We cover our running costs, such as our 24/7 emergency support via our online trading of membership and jewellery. As a result of this, we are able to ensure that all donations are spent on supporting our charitable aims, including sponsorship of vulnerable people in need, as well as providing educational resources for medical and emergency professionals.

What will your money be spent on?

As a charity, MedicAlert uses donations to ensure that we remain best in class in order to fully support our members.

Our Goodwill Project offers reduced membership and jewellery to people who could benefit from our service but may not be able to afford it.

We provide educational resources to support training and raise awareness across medical and emergency professionals.


How can you maximise your donation?

Completing the Gift Aid section within the donation form is super easy and really important to MedicAlert.

It will boost any donation you make by 25% as it allows MedicAlert to claim back the basic rate tax on your contribution. This means that if you donate £10, we would be able to claim back a further £2.50 from HMRC increasing your original donation to £12.50!

How will your donation help?

Our Goodwill Project supports vulnerable individuals experiencing financial difficulties, with free or reduced-price membership and jewellery. This project supports those with multiple family members who require membership, elderly members struggling during retirement and children who have mislaid their medical ID jewellery.

As little as £5 will help support people in need of our services, but if you’re able to give more then here are some suggestions:

  • £16 provides half price membership for one year.
  • £20 funds a personalised item of medical ID jewellery.
  • £32 enables one year’s membership for a person particularly in need.

As part of our ongoing awareness and education drives, we also provide free resources for medical, educational and emergency professionals to ensure they have the right tools to train their staff. Materials are provided in printed or digital media as well as face-to-face.

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