Name: Eliana

Condition(s): Anaphylaxis to peanuts, allergies to various nuts and seeds

Wears: Sports Band

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Eliana receives funded MedicAlert membership until her 10th Birthday, through the Early Start Programme. This is a Lions Club International project, with MedicAlert providing £1 for every £2 raised by Lions Clubs around the UK, to increase the number of children who can be supported. If you would like to find out more or to fill in an application form for your child, please click below.


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We spoke with Eliana's mum to find out more about Eliana and why she became a MedicAlert member:

How and when was she diagnosed?

When our daughter, Eliana, was just 9 months old, she experienced a severe allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis to peanuts. Her facial swelling was so extreme that she became unrecognisable. Along with the facial swelling, she also experienced throat swelling, hives, and vomiting. This terrifying incident led us to discover that she had several other allergies, including various nuts and sesame seeds. It was an incredibly stressful time for our family, and all we wanted was to protect her and create a safe bubble for her.

Have you had to make changes to everyday life since her diagnosis?

As Eliana grew into a curious toddler, we realized she would naturally become more interested in exploring different foods. In our day-to-day life, we had to closely monitor and control everything she consumed. However, as a family, we had a deep love for camping—an enriching lifestyle filled with adventure, making friends, socializing, and sharing experiences, including food! This posed a significant challenge and made us highly nervous since Eliana's delayed speech development prevented her from verbally expressing her allergies.

That was when the medical alert band came into our lives like a true lifesaver—literally.

How has MedicAlert provided you with peace of mind?

Eliana wears it proudly, and it allows her to show people what her allergies are. We were pleasantly surprised by how many people recognized the band and understood its significance. The medical alert band has provided us with an added layer of security and peace of mind during our camping trips and other social gatherings. It has been an invaluable gift that we are immensely grateful for.

Final words...

Thank you so much for providing this essential resource. We genuinely hope that others will benefit from it, just as Eliana, her friends, and our entire family have. The medical alert band has made a positive difference in our lives, and we are forever thankful.

If you believe that your story can help others to understand the benefits of MedicAlert, please let us know!


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