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Grace wears her MedicAlert bracelet at the beach


Name: Grace
Age: 8
Conditions: Food Allergies  
Wears: Millefiori Beaded Bracelet


“MedicAlert supports her in feeling safe as she gains more independence and gets older.”

We spoke with Grace's mum to find out more about her and why she has became a MedicAlert member:

Grace had her first allergic reaction when she was just a few weeks old. We got two MedicAlert bracelets when she was in Nursery, but she liked to break them on slides and would lose them, yet she was insisting that she wouldn’t wear the sports ones - she is a girl who knows her mind!

Grace is now 8 years old and when she saw on TV the tragic news of a boy sadly losing his life as the medics didn’t know of his allergies, she asked for a new MedicAlert bracelet.

We always insisted that she carried her meds in a little rucksack she would always have on, ever since she was able to walk. She now takes responsibility for it and knows how important it is that she has it.

Grace has never known any difference and, for her, allergies, meds, hospitals and questioning everything is all normal; we just wanted to support her in feeling safe as she gains more independence, getting older.

As a family, we go for the firefight approach. We want her to live her life as normal as possible and we encourage her not to feel different. We have always eaten out, taken her on many holidays. We have recently moved into a pub and the two major changes made have been the listing of allergens on the menu in every dish and the most controversial is we are now a real ale pub that is nut free!

Here is my little girl last weekend in Ibiza. Ready for Portugal at the end of the month! 

“We want her to live her life as normal as possible and we encourage her not to feel different.”

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