Name: Jamie

Age: 8

Condition: Peanut allergy; he is also autistic and non-verbal

Wears: Forget-Me-Not Bracelet, Sports Band

Fun fact: He loves swimming and has won a championship!


“The MedicAlert bracelet has given us the reassurance that we needed, the peace of mind that it will speak for Jamie and will help keep him safe!"

We spoke to Ann, mother to Jamie, who is autistic.

Jamie is 8 now and he was diagnosed with ASD when he was 3. He is also non-verbal, therefore his parents' anxiety grew when he started school. That's when they decided for Jamie to join MedicAlert.

"He was very happy to wear his colourful sports band and would never want to take it off. It was like a safety net for us parents!

When he started school, our worries grew significantly. 

  • Will he be safe?

  • Will he like it at school?

  • Will he be able to pay attention in class?

  • Will he make friends?

Millions of questions haunted us for months and, surprisingly, Jamie was the one who gave us the confidence that he would be just fine on his own, without me holding his hand all the time.

His peanut allergy has always been worrying as well, as he was not able to speak and explain this to anyone. Since school started, I wasn’t able to be with him to make sure any risk was avoided. Teachers reassured us, everybody at school wanted us to trust them with Jamie’s safety. That’s one of the most difficult things to do for a parent, especially if your child has special needs and is not able to communicate.

His MedicAlert bracelet has given us that reassurance that we needed, that peace of mind that, if necessary, it will speak for Jamie and will help keep him safe. 

He loves sports, he always wanted to join his friends at after-school clubs. Of course we were worried, but at the same time we didn’t want him to miss out on all those activities that his peers could do. With his MedicAlert he felt he was invincible and this helped us feel that way too. He is now a great swimmer and he also plays football with the school’s team. He’s very proud of his medals: he has won a championship last year and has several other awards.

I am so grateful for Jamie, he is special and I hope he will always know this and he’ll feel happy and proud of himself!"

"MedicAlert allows Jamie to take part in all the activities he wishes to join; it also gives us, his parents, the reassurance that he will be safe, as people around him will know his situation, even if he is not able to communicate."

Non-verbal boy with autism


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