Name: Jennie Barton

Condition(s): Allergic to penicillin, cardiac artery stents, rare blood group

Wears: Expandable Bracelet 14mm, Sports Band

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As one of the very first MedicAlert members, Jennie attributes the charity with saving her life... twice!

I became a member when I was very young. My father had heard of it and we went all the way to London for me to become a member.

MedicAlert first helped me when my GP wasn't available, and a teacher thought I was being difficult by insisting I couldn't have the polio vaccine, due to it containing penicillin. At my insistence, they rang MedicAlert who explained, I believe quite graphically, what would happen if I had the vaccine and the school had no adrenalin. Otherwise, I am sure they would have forced me to have it and I would be dead.

Having an anaphylactic reaction to anything is dramatic but when a doctor doesn't appear to believe you and only believes it is "just an allergic reaction, which may no longer be there", it becomes quite frightening!

The second time I had a dramatic miscarriage with a lot of blood loss. The doctor took my bracelet, rang MedicAlert and later the medical staff said that my medical ID bracelet had saved them hours of trying to type my blood.

I am most grateful to MedicAlert for helping with my medical treatment twice, especially since, if I had bled much more, I may have not survived! I've lost count of the different bracelets I've had - mainly when something else is added. It has been used by doctors and, each time, they've said how the information has helped them! Thank you MedicAlert for always being with me!

I would recommend MedicAlert to anybody with hidden medical conditions because you never know when you can't talk for yourself and MedicAlert could save your life too.

Photo of Jennie Barton


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