Name: Myles

Age: 19 months

Conditions: Severe haemophilia B

Wears: Sports Band


“Myles is too young to tell anyone that he has a severe bleeding disorder so him wearing his MedicAlert band is very reassuring.”

Lauren has known that she had severe haemophilia B since she was 16 years old. During her pregnancy, she underwent all the recommended investigations in order to find out if her unborn child would also be a carrier of haemophilia B. We asked Lauren to tell us about this journey and the challenges that she faced, as well as the impact the condition has had on her life and her family. 

“I have known from the age of 16 that I was a carrier of severe haemophilia B. My son was diagnosed during pregnancy through a late amniocentesis. This involved a procedure to draw back the amniotic fluid around the baby which was sent off for testing. I received the results a week later that my son, Myles, also had severe haemophilia B. To confirm his levels, a sample of blood was taken from the cord after delivery. This confirmed that Myles has just 1% clotting levels.

In the very early stages of Myles’ life as a newborn, I felt his diagnosis had a huge impact on my relationship with his father and also other family members. I became very anxious, worried and overprotective of him. I felt I was the only one who could truly protect him - after all, I was his mother. Not only this but Myles has two older brothers so I was very cautious of them when they were around him. What if they hurt him? What if they dropped him whilst trying to give him a cuddle? All feelings I now know are completely normal for a mum of a newborn, let alone a child with a bleeding disorder.

One day, a fellow ‘haemo mum’ shared a post on Instagram, where she was talking about MedicAlert. I had a look through the website and straight away felt relieved that there was something Myles could have on him at all times to make others aware of his serious medical condition. 

Myles’ MedicAlert membership has given me the peace of mind that I needed for when he wasn’t in my care. Their Registered Nurses checked over our application to ensure that the most relevant and accurate information was recorded on his ID bracelet, which would help medical professionals provide the care that he needs, should the unlikely event happen. Myles is too young to tell anyone that he has a severe bleeding disorder so him wearing his MedicAlert band is very reassuring."

Myles has severe Haemophilia B

Myles wearing his MedicAlert Sportsband


"The main benefits for me as a parent are knowing that MedicAlert IDs have a telephone number for professionals to ring to access his record and gain full information about his condition. This phone number is engraved along with his membership number and a few words to explain that he has Severe Haemophilia B and requires factor 9. This in itself could be life saving for Myles."

"Myles’ MedicAlert ID not only gives me peace of mind, but also his childminder and other family members. There is a lot of information to remember about his medical condition and I wouldn’t expect everyone who cares for him to remember everything, so having easy access to his record for medical professionals is a lot easier than expecting others to remember it all.

I would recommend MedicAlert to any parent of a child with any kind of medical condition, or any person that has a medical condition that would require treatment in the unlikely event of an accident/ injury. I am so relieved that Myles wears his ID whilst not in my care and it is plain as day about his medical condition. It is the reassurance I needed for him to gain a bit more freedom and independence.

Myles wearing his MedicAlert Sportsband

"To anyone with a medical condition that would require treatment I would recommend joining MedicAlert. Do it - don’t think twice! It is honestly one of the best decisions I have made for Myles. He has his independence back, a bit more freedom, and can enjoy his life as a toddler. Running around with his brothers and enjoying trips out with his friends at childminders, whilst I know that others will see he has a medical condition by wearing his ID."

If you believe that your story can help others to understand the benefits of MedicAlert, please let us know!


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