Inspired by you
22 August 2018 MedicAlert

Inspired by you...

We often receive suggestions, either on social media, through emails, or on the phone, from members with specialist requirements or simply good ideas. We listen to your advice, and work with our expert production department to try and bring these ideas to life.

By listening to you, we can create the ideal products for the needs of our members, evolving our range to suit and cater for every need; delivering peace of mind and keeping our members safe.

MedicAlert Medical ID tag‚Äč

1. Medical ID Tag 

The Medical ID Tag was inspired by Joanna Hickey, a medical secretary in the NHS who has been a MedicAlert member for many years.

After tweeting us a problem she had with her previous bracelet, she showed us a photo of how she was using her old Athena bracelet; hanging off her NHS lanyard, attached by the buckle.

This snapshot sparked the idea for our Medical ID Tag, and after a few more emails were exchanged, we brought the product to market.

The solution was simple; a classic disc on a split ring so that it was easy to attach to an array of fixtures, making it a very versatile form of medical ID - the perfect answer for anyone who works in a jewellery restrictive environment,

The Medical ID Tag was created with NHS workers in mind as staff are unable to wear jewellery on wards due to infection control and general safety, however being so vertistile, there are many potential uses to this style of medical ID.

The Medical ID Tag has also been purchased by parents of infants unable to wear jewellery, as ID to attach to their nappy bag or pram.
Although this is not officially advised due to it being away from a pulse point, it has provided peace of mind to new parents as some means of medical identification; an interim solution until their little ones can wear something more appropriate.

The Medical ID tag has been on our website for under a month, but has already proved incredibly popular.

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MedicAlert expandable bracelet

2. Expandable bracelet 

The Expandable came about as a result of numerous member requests. They wanted a bracelet that was easy to get on and off and without a tricky clasp; making it ideal for those with dexterity problems.

Research into creating the desired product led to a redesign of a previous MedicAlert bracelet; updating the style and function for a more modern consumer.

The final design was the Expandable of today. Available in both 14mm and 20mm design, made of stainless steel with a shield disc and easy to get on and off expandable metal chain, the modern Expandable is comfy and functional.

Almost a year later the Expandable is still a firm favourite with our members, due to its versatility, appearance and practicality.

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MedicAlert Ellipse necklace

3. Ellipse necklace

Adding to our expanding range of necklaces, the Ellipse is ideal for our less traditional members.

The Ellipse design, an elliptical stainless steel disc on a chain, was inspired by a submission from one of our members, via our Member Stories page. The member had created her own necklace using the elliptical disc from a MedicAlert bracelet she had bought previously.

The quirky design is perfect for members who want something more than an ordinary round disc.

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Do you have any suggestions?

Please contact marketing or message us on our social media if you have any ideas of products you'd like to see.

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