Why Do Medical Professionals Need MedicAlert?

We know that healthcare professionals recommend MedicAlert to their patients. This is because they understand the importance of the charity’s full medical ID service, as well as their patients’ needs. They know how those living with hidden medical conditions can benefit from our life-saving service: having their most vital information immediately available in the event of an emergency will keep them safe.

Many of the MedicAlert members are healthcare professionals themselves. Some of them have diabetes or epilepsy, some have severe allergies and others are affected by heart conditions. They are all well aware of the implications and the risks of their illness and this is why they join MedicAlert.

Supported by professional medical expertise and a 24/7 emergency helpline, MedicAlert provides bespoke ID jewellery and stores members’ full medical records. Members are able to access their own records and update them any time and as many times as necessary. When required, emergency personnel can access our 24/7 emergency line and relay the live record of the patient. This reassures our members and offers them peace of mind and confidence to live life to the full, be active and join in – whether they work in the NHS or not!

We are aware that medical professionals cannot wear jewellery whilst at work. We have therefore created a new product which we have called a ‘Medical ID Tag’ for all our members who are health care workers.

Medical ID Tag

You Talk, We Listen

We often receive suggestions, either on social media, through emails, or on the phone, from our members with special requirements or simply good ideas.

We listen to your advice and work with our expert production department to try and bring these ideas to life. By listening to you, we can create the ideal range of products to match our full medical ID service, which is tailored to your needs, delivering peace of mind and keeping you safe.

Sarah wearing her Medical ID Tag

The Medical ID Tag was inspired by a medical secretary in the NHS, who has been a MedicAlert member for many years. She showed us a photo of how she was using her Athena bracelet: hanging off her NHS lanyard, attached by the buckle. This snapshot sparked the idea for our Medical ID Tag and we soon brought the product to life.

It has been designed to be easily attached to a lanyard, an ID badge holder or something similar, making it a very versatile form of medical ID - the perfect answer for anyone who works in a jewellery restrictive environment. No one else will be able to read it unless the tag is deliberately turned over.

It is made of quality Stainless Steel and is available plain or in red and black enamel. Handcrafted by our team of in-house jewellery team, it is a high-quality product, just like every piece of MedicAlert ID jewellery. It will be custom-made and engraved with your unique set of medical information such as conditions, allergies, implants, medications or advance decisions and of course our emergency telephone number and your unique membership number.

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