16 October 2019 MedicAlert

Your Needs, Our Priority

One of our younger members, who is autistic, had a habit of removing his medical ID bracelet. As he liked to play with it and take it off, more often than not his mum would find his bracelet amongst his toys until, unfortunately, he lost his first bracelet forever!

Whilst MedicAlert had provided an alternative clasp in the past, when his mum informed us that her son was still able to remove his bracelet, we realised that a different approach was required. Our marketing and production teams put their heads together to come up with a solution that would ensure that a young and potentially vulnerable member was not able to take off and possibly lose his jewellery whilst out and about.

Many options were originally tabled and the final solution was a ring-type clasp, much more likely to keep the bracelet securely on a wrist, even with lots of activity and physical play. A child or even an adult would always need help to put it on and take it off. Like someone said, we could call it ‘The Houdini Challenge’! The name for this design took some thinking about.

Forget-Me-Not was chosen, as it is meant to be kept on at all times, to help keep you safe. You will never forget to put it on, as you never actually take it off. The Forget-Me-Not also symbolises love and what better way to show someone you love them, than making sure they are safe and well taken care of?

In order to road test it, we replaced the existing clasp on the bracelet with our new one and sent it back to our young member, who wore it continuously whilst playing, sleeping, bathing and doing everything a young boy should do! We are proud to report that the bracelet with its new clasp is staying put, providing his mum with peace of mind that her child’s vital medical information would be immediately available, were he to be in an emergency situation.

"I am very grateful to MedicAlert for listening to my concerns and coming up with a solution outside of their standard product range. I feel so much more relaxed knowing that my son’s bracelet will always be with him and he will be safe, especially as I am regularly ill myself."


You Told Us, We Listened

We love feedback from our members, particularly when it means we come up with a new idea that may improve our service. We are aware that other members may benefit from a clasp solution like this. It could be a good solution for more vulnerable adults who live with dementia and tend to forget putting their MedicAlert jewellery on. We have therefore added a bracelet with the new clasp to our medical ID range. The Forget-Me-Not bracelet is now available in both the adult and child ranges within the MedicAlert shop, suitable for those who could be at risk of losing their bracelet or forgetting to put it back on each day.

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