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Heartline Families Protection Project

29 October 2020

MedicAlert has partnered with Heartline Families to provide support in emergencies to over 240 children living with heart conditions.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Heartline Families and MedicAlert Protection Project, which will provide free MedicAlert membership and £20 medical ID jewellery credit for over 240 children living with heart disorders.

Heartline Families supports children with heart disorders, and their families, whatever the condition and wherever they are treated. Their aim is to provide support and guidance and to encourage active family lives, along with supporting children to join in and live their lives to the fullest.

Facilitated by a £10,000 grant funded by the Coronavirus Community Support Fund (via The National Lottery), Heartline Families will be sponsoring the first year of membership for 247 children, which has a value of £32, along with £10 jewellery credit. To support this, MedicAlert will increase the credit to £20 to be used against the child's choice of medical ID jewellery.

Kevin Ford, Chair of Heartline Families, says “With our shared missions of supporting those living with medical conditions to be active, whilst providing peace of mind, the partnership between MedicAlert and Heartline Families feels natural. So, when we secured the £10,000 grant, working together to support children during the COVID19 outbreak was the obvious next step together. We’re delighted to be working with MedicAlert as the only charity providing ID services in the UK, and the only provider who ensures that Registered Nurses check all member records to ensure that the members information is accurate for use in emergencies. This reassures the families that their children will receive the care they need, when they need it.”

Due to the conditions of the grant, all 247 memberships must be activated within 6 months of the award, which means the race is now on to identify children in need who will benefit from the peace of mind and freedom that MedicAlert membership provides.

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How do you apply?

This project will run until the end of the 2020, and will provide 12 months of MedicAlert membership plus £20 jewellery credit for 247 children. Places will be awarded on a strictly first come, first served basis to members of Heartline Families and successful applicants to the project must claim their MedicAlert membership and jewellery credit within 4 weeks.

Heartline Families members can apply on behalf of their child at www.heartline.org.uk. You will receive confirmation of your application, along with your unique code to be used during checkout at www.MedicAlert.org.uk and further instructions, if your application is successful.


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