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Name: Paul Kabrna

Age: 66

Condition(s): Conn's Syndrome (Primary Aldosteronism) and hypertension

Wears: Flex Silicone Band

Random fact: Longest surviving patient with Conn's Syndrome, and recently presented as a case study at the 'American Heart and Hypertension Society Conference' in Chicago


“MedicAlert gives peace of mind, especially if I ever find myself in a position of low adrenal reserve.”

Paul was diagnosed with hypertension (245/125) at 24 years of age, during a routine medical examination in 1977.

By the next day, Paul was sent to his local hospital for a further evaluation and eight weeks later, was precisely diagnosed with Conn’s Syndrome. A bilateral disease that can also be known as Primary Aldosteronism.

Within two months, Paul was back at the hospital for surgery on his adrenal glands and what remains continues to over-produce aldosterone leading to a lifetime of resistant hypertension.

Paul has found a DASH diet helpful in maintaining good blood pressure levels, as Conn’s is particularly salt sensitive whilst needing high-levels of potassium; a combination that has made his diet more difficult.

Many years on, Paul is still a member since joining us in 1978 and fortunately has never needed to depend on his membership to date.

Despite finding himself in a few emergencies over the years, Paul has always remained conscious so hasn’t had to rely on our 24/7 emergency support line; however, he is fully aware of how valuable his membership would be, should he ever become unable to speak for himself.

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