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Playlist for Life is a music and dementia charity established in 2013 by Sally Magnusson, inspired by her mother's struggle with dementia.

The charity's goal is to offer personalised playlists to individuals with dementia and educate their loved ones on how to use them.

Making a start with Playlist for Life

Getting started

Music is part of our everyday lives. Remember that your personal playlist is as unique as you, make sure you find music that sparks that 'flashback feeling'.

Finding the right music

Hunting for the right tunes that uncovers someone's life story is like being a Music Detective. Think of nursery rhymes, TV theme tunes or songs at weddings.

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Choose how to listen

Playlist for Life enables you to listen to your songs on your desired music players, online or your smart speaker at home.

The Playlist for Life Story

Get involved with Playlist for Life

Free resources

Build a playlist for yourself or a loved one today. Playlist for life has resources available in different languages.

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Real life stories

Helping people discover their unique soundtrack of their life. Hear from the families and carers that use their personalised playlists every day.

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Help your community

Join Playlist for Life's network of over 2000 help points across the UK. Free resources and training is also provided.

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Courses available for healthcare and social care professionals, students or if you just want to learn more about playlists.

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Downloadable Resources

Create the soundtrack of your life


Get Started

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Conversation starters

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