Classic Necklace (Stainless Steel)

How it all started; this design is the original MedicAlert style since our humble beginnings. A true Classic.

  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • Not recommended for young children due to risk of catching, around the neck, during play (11+)
  • Please note that the stainless steel disc may include traces of nickel.
  • Chain length measurement is inclusive of the disc
  • Read the MEASUREMENT GUIDE below before choosing your chain length - link within Product Information section

Price: £29.95


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Product reviews

Valerie Ewart
January 04 2015
Good basic level necklace
My first purchase. It was a good choice to start with as I knew my meds would be changing over the next 6 months. I am very impressed with the amount of information the disc can hold. Only negative for me is the disc is very lightweight, personally I would prefer heavier gauge material. All in all, I would recommend this item.
Brett Cunningham
June 02 2014
Classic Necklace in Red
I have had my Classic Necklace now for 4 years and I am so pleased with it i have had no problems at all i give it 100
June 29 2013
I've worn this necklace for over three years without taking it off. Without the colouring it preserves its colour and is easily seen when washed for that long. Its lightweight and you don't notice your even wearing it, it becomes who you are. For me it doesn't need any flare, its just there for just in case.
March 29 2013
In 30 years ,this is my third disc ,changed only through the telephone number being altered. And red on the design wore away.. 4 star only because red paint missing at an early stage.
Gemma Burgwin
November 15 2012
Great everyday emblem
This is a great necklace for having under your uniform. I love the fact that it is well hidden but can easily be found when needed. I chose a long chain so I can wear different length neckline tops/dresses without having an obvious medic alert on display. I also play sports and the chain is long enough so the chain doesn't bounce in my face or swing around too much under the shirt. Overall I've found that this is great value all round necklace. Great Job!
Mrs Linda Gibson
November 08 2012
It looks good and is simple to understand

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