Endurance Bracelet

The Endurance bracelet is a robust design that's made to be strong, durable and secure, perfect for adventurers.

  • Suitable for those sensitive to metals, as the disc is not in direct contact with your skin.
  • Engraved with your unique membership number and our 24/7 emergency helpline, allowing access to your full record in an emergency.
  • Large Stainless Steel shield disc (2.5 x 4.5cm).
  • Adjustable strap fits wrist sizes: 15.5 - 23.5cm.
  • Strap length is inclusive of disc.
  • Please see video linked in product information section below for how the strap works in detail.
  • Please click the 'sizing guide' link below for guidance on choosing the right product and size for you
  • ** Additional straps available for you to mix and match with your ID. **

See our sizing guide

Price: £28.95


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Product reviews

Susan Conway
February 18 2021
Live with Confidence
It gives me great reassurance to know that in the event of a medical emergency Medic Alert would be there to support the emergency doctors with up to date information about my health that would not be immediately evident.
Penny Brown
June 17 2020
Review of endurance bracelet
Less wearing in the fabric strong enough to wear all the time happy to buy it again.
Thomas Partridge
May 31 2020
It fell off.
This bracelet was great for style and comfort but on two occasions it fell off. The first time I noticed it was missing I found it under the driving seat of my car. On the second occasion I was out sailing. It is almost certainly at the bottom of the lake where I go sailing. I had the bracelet for less than 6 months. I have now ordered a different design which I hope will stay fastened.
MedicAlert: Hi Mr Partridge, thank you for your feedback regarding the Endurance bracelet. We are sorry to learn of your frustrating experience and are very grateful for your insight. Our product development team find this kind of feedback invaluable in helping to continually make improvements across the product range. We are pleased that you have already found a different design and will look forward to receiving your feedback for it. Thank you.
Emma Collins
February 04 2016
wears well
I bought this for a 6 year old and cut the straps down to size . the swap stays on all the time and he's never taken off its stood up against all a 6 year old boy can throw at it. he's been wearing it over a year now and has loads more wear in it. the best one I've bought
July 10 2015
Nice item but..
Nice item but the writing on the back is very small. I only had 3 lines of writing engraved on the back and was hoping that it was easily read. The strap is really long so should fit most wrist sizes. The strap is much too long for me and curls over. I'm not sure if cutting the strap shorter would fray if?

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