A training provider on a mission to raise awareness for people living with allergies

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The Allergy Badge is a certified training provider on a mission to spread awareness and educate more people on allergies.

Their courses are tailored for everyon, from schools and clubs to businesses and parents/carers covering various topics from how to us an auto-injector to mental health.

The Allergy Badge courses are...

HSE Compliant

Medically approved

Fully accredited

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Offers first-hand experience

How The Allergy Badge can support you

Allergy awareness and auto-injector training

The Allergy Badge offers on-site or online (via Zoom) training sessions for a variety of people:

  • Early years and primary schools.
  • Secondary schools.
  • Parents and carers.
  • Clubs and organisations.
  • Businesses.
  • Restaurants and caterers. 

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Consultancy services

The Allergy Badge supports brands in making allergy inclusivity and best practise. Natalie uses her first-hand experience as a mother of a child with life-threatening allergies and an accredited allergy training provider to show businesses what they can to play their part in making a difference.

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