CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Our 24/7 emergency helpline is operating as usual, as is our ID production unit. For all non-emergency communications, there may be a slight delay.

Why you should recommend MedicAlert

MedicAlert could save a life

As a charity, MedicAlert supports individuals with medical conditions, allergies and other medical requirements. Trusted since 1964, we are the original medical ID service provider in the UK.

During an emergency situation, medical ID jewellery provides key information whilst the full record can be obtained quickly by phone, if required, to support initial treatment.
Medically checked

We employ qualified medical professionals to review all new and amended member records.

Emergency helpline

Our emergency line is available 24/7, with information available in over 100 languages and dialects.

Nominate advocates

Vulnerable members can appoint one or more advocates to help them keep their record up to date.

Wallet cards

Wallet cards are available to all members and hold more information than their medical ID jewellery.

96% of our members stay with us year-on-year, because they value our service.
Up-to-date records

Records can be updated as often as required. A date stamp shows the most recent change and check.

What's on a member record?


For accurate diagnosis of symptoms


From nuts or latex, to food or environmental


Reducing the risk of contraindication


Past conditions, treatments and surgeries


Doctors, consultants, clinics or personal contacts


Including implants and clinical reports

Advance Decisions

Including DNR and religious beliefs


Emergency contacts and advocates

A Discount For Your Patients

Keeping patients safe in an emergency is the top priority. We can provide an exclusive discount to support you in this aim.


Order Free Resources

Order patient leaflets, waiting room posters and sample MedicAlert ID's, free of charge, to show patients how our service works.


What To Look For

Find out what to look for in an emergency, what to do if you find a MedicAlert ID and how MedicAlert supports initial care decisions.


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