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Vision: to give peace of mind to anyone, by providing access to vital personal medical information in an emergency

 to help save lives by retaining members’ vital personal and medical information, using our medical expertise to provide these crucial details in an emergency, whilst continuing to raise awareness and highlight the benefits of our service

MedicAlert provide assurance and life saving support to thousands of members each year. We understand that sometimes you need to get really important information to those helping you, but in an emergency you might not be able to speak for yourself.

We provide services and jewellery to help ensure your wishes are followed should the unexpected happen.

Wearing your MedicAlert jewellery allows emergency personnel to obtain initial information from the disc on your bracelet or necklace, with further detail being available via the electronic record you hold with us.

Our team of nurses review your information to make sure you have the right wording on your disc and clear details in your record.

This means you can alert emergency professionals to your individual needs whether it be that you have a medical condition, allergies, heart device or want those treating you to know how to reach your next of kin, absolutely vital if you can't speak for yourself.

We'll set up your record for you, store it and make sure our emergency team can access it 24/7. We can even translate in over 100 languages, so we're here to help wherever in the world you may be - all for just £32 a year.